Ice Show 7504


Ice Show 7504

Female 1:
- She is an Italian ice dancer who competed on the
International circuit.
- She is a circus arts specialist and performs with ITNY as a principal
skater and aerialist.
- In 2009, she participated at the Premiére of Wintuk by Cirque du
Soleil at Madison Square Garden. Elisa has also performed in Europe
with Dynamic Shows, and "Spotlight Productions." She recently
returned from Italy where she was an aerialist with the tour: "Italian
Champions on Ice" with Ghiaccio Spettacolo.
- Thanks to her silk act, She is one of the few performers in the world
combining ice-skating and aerial arts.
- She has been with ITNY since 2008.

Male 1:
- He is the 2008 and 2009 US Bronze Medalist in ice dancing with
partner Kim Navarro.
- He is also the 2008 Four Continents Bronze Medalist.
- Represented the United States at the World
Championships in 2010.
- In addition to skating for two years as a principal with Holiday on Ice, he
has appeared in an episode on Glee, and recently as part of the group
"Aerial Ice" on America's Got Talent,
- This year he performed for the first time with "Stars on Ice."
- He has skated with ITNY since 2009.

Male 2:
- He is the 2011 National United States Men's Champion.
- He is also the 2007 U.S. silver medalist and three-time U.S. Collegiate Champion.
- He is known for his crowd-pleasing programs and back flips. He can be found
entertaining vacationers in skating shows aboard the Royal Caribbean Liberty of
the Seas cruise ship, participating in the NBC televised Disson Skating specials,
teaching seminars, mentoring young skaters, and skating in charity shows.
- This past year marked his second year touring with "Stars on Ice." He is currently
headlining "Sun Valley On Ice," legendary ice shows taking place every Saturday
night in Sun Valley, ID.

Female 2:
- She is a 2 time US Silver Medalist in ice dancing with former partner, in 1997 and 1999.
- She competed twice at the World Figure Skating Championships.
- After receiving degrees in English and Philosophy from the University
of Michigan, Eve moved to New York City and performed as a modern
dancer, performing for choreographers such as Carlos Orta, Heather
Harrington, and Geraldine Cardiel.
- She just completed her master's degree in Dance/Movement Therapy
while living in Chicago.
- She currently performs and choreographs for the Chicago-based
skating companies Ice-Semble and American Ice Theatre. She is
grateful to Ice Theatre for giving her the space and time to bring her
two loves of modern dance and ice-skating together.
- She also wants to thank her family and friends for their support.
- She has been the rehearsal director for ITNY and has skated with the
company since 2002.

Male 3:
- He is a 6 time US National ice dance competitor.
- He started skating in Jamestown, NY, taking lessons from Lenel van
den Berg. Subsequently, he trained at the University of Delaware.
- He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to study
acting. Now he is studying Alexander Technique and singing with
Beret Arcaya.
- He would like to thank Douglas Webster and Moira North for this
wonderful opportunity and his parents for their love and support.

Male 4:
- He is a two-time U.S. National Medalist and a four-time U.S. Figure
Skating team member.
- In addition to skating, he works as a professional dancer and aerialist.
He has performed in numerous professional ice-skating and dance
shows around the world.
- Most recently, he competed on America's Got Talent as a member of
"Aerial Ice."
- He has been an ITNY company member since 2008 and is happy to be
back for the fall season.

Female 3:
- She was on the US International Ice dance team for two years.
- Since 2006, she has performed in over 35 countries around the
world touring with Holiday on Ice, Disney on Ice and Willy Bietak
- She is pursuing a degree from Buffalo State in fashion design
and hopes to one day design wedding dresses and work as a
figure skating choreographer.

Female 4:
- She is a six time Finnish National Ice Dance Champion
with Juha Valkama.
- They competed in the World and European Championships in
2002, '03, and '04.
- She received her Bachelor of Science in 2006 from the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Brain and
Cognitive Sciences.
- She went on to earn her Master of Music degree in Piano
Performance from New York University in 2012.
- She currently directs the Skating School at Sky Rink in
NYC where she also teaches skating. Additionally, Jessica
teaches private piano lessons in the NYC area.
- She and Juha skated with ITNY in 2006, and she
has continued performing with the company since 2010.

Male 5:
- He was the 2003 World Junior Pairs bronze Medalst.
- He was also a 2004 US Senior pairs medalist.
- He has been a principal performer in shows around the world
including the Rockefeller Christmas Spectacular for 5 years,
the Whiskers Holiday Ice Spectacular, and the Ice Mystique
show in Ocean Park, Hong Kong. He has also been a part of
the ensemble cast of the Tribute 2 show in Atlantic City, and
Fantasy on Ice, in Fukui, Japan.
- Being part of the US International Team from 1999-2005 has
given Jon a great perspective about coaching skating.
- He has skated with ITNY since 2011.

Male 6:
- He is a 5 time US National ice dance competitor.
- Dance was a form of physical therapy for he as he recovered
from a stroke inducing paralysis on his left side when he was
a child. His love for dance is what led him to competitive
figure skating.
- He continues his cross training of dance and expands into
areas of jazz, ballet, modern and ballroom. He is a wonderful
teacher of many disciplines.
- He has skated with ITNY since 2001 including both of its'
French tours.

Male 7:
- He is a 7 time British ice dance champion with his partner and
sister, Sinead.
- He is also a 2-time European Bronze Medalist, and has ranked
as high as No.2 in the ISU World Rankings for Ice Dancing.
- He competed in 2 Olympic Games.
- Sinead and John were trained by 2 time Olympic Champion
Evgeny Platov.
- He has performed all over the world and was on the cast of
"Stars on Ice" with Sinead last year.

Female 5:
- She is a 2-time US National Bronze Medalist in ice dance with
partner, Brent Bommentre.
- California native, Kim Navarro graduated from Columbia
University, cum laude, with a degree in English and a minor in
- She was on the US World Team.
- She and Brent were principal pair skaters with "Holiday on Ice"
for two years, recently performed with "Stars On Ice," and
continue to skate in the summer "Sun Valley On Ice" shows.
- Kim and Brent were featured in an episode of the television
show Glee last winter, and performed as part of the act "Aerial
Ice" in the quarter-finals of this season's America's Got Talent.
- She first skated with Ice Theatre of New York in 1999.

Female 6:
- She was a United States National Junior Ladies Medalist and
Senior National competitor.
- She also represented Team USA Internationally..
- She was the 2007 Collegiate National Silver Medalist.
- She graduated with a business marketing degree from the
University of Utah in 2008.
- She has most recently performed for Willy Bietak Productions
on various Royal Caribbean cruise ships and as a soloist in
the "Sun Valley on Ice" summer show as well as for other
distinguished companies around the world.

Female 7:
- She is a Russian Master of Sport in Pairs Skating.
- She studied in the Academy of Olympic Reserve in Yekaterinburgand
Moscow Academy of Sport.
- Her professional career started with Moscow on ice.
- She worked for Disney on Ice for 14 years, had an opportunity to travel all
over the world and she's had a wonderful time playing many beloved
Disney Characters in her career.
- Her roles have included Snow White, Belle in Beauty and the Beast, The
Little Mermaid, Jasmine in Aladdin, Mulan, Megara from "Hercules" , Nala
in The Lion King.
- For the past summers she has skated in "Sun Valley on Ice" as adagio
pair skater.