Trio 10378

Kyiv, Ukraine

Trio 10378

Date of birth: 1983
Height: 170
Weight: 57

2000-2005 Lugansk College of culture and arts Specialization in orchestral string instruments Qualification-artist of orchestra, ensemble, teacher
Diploma of Junior specialist
2007-2011 Luhansk national University.Taras Shevchenko
2010, the Department of theory and history of music and instrumental training. Bachelor of musical arts.
2011-Specialist "music art", The qualification of the artist of orchestra, artist of chamber ensemble.
2009-Winner of Mejdunarodnogo competition "Crimean Spring", Yalta city.

Between 2003 and 2007-Artist show band-Lugansk.
2009-2014 G. G.-the Municipal orchestra of wind and pop music, Lugansk-orchestra artist of the highest category.
2011-2012-Luhansk national University.Taras Shevchenko-the position of Illustrator
2014-2015-Kherson Drama theatre-artist of the orchestra.
2015-2016 gg-China, Harbin Volga Manor-artist show theatre.

Date of birth: .1993
Height: 168
Weight: 57

1. graduated from music school .
2. studied at the Institute for directing the show and pop-jazz vocals.
3. A laureate of Ukrainian and international vocal competitions

2011-2012, singer, artist show band from Kiev
2012-2015 singer , worked in various restaurants, clubs, large concert halls-Kiev, Moscow
2015-2016-China, Harbin Volga Manor-singer, artist show theatre

Date of birth: 1970
Height: 174
Weight: 95

Music education on a speciality the Manager of pop groups.

1990-94 G.-secondary school No. 20-a, Lugansk, the head of VIA, sound.
1994-2004 arranger, sound engineer.
2004-2010-drummer, sound engineer, actively participated in concerts and show programs.
2010-2014-artist of the orchestra in the municipal theatre of variety art of Lugansk.
2011-2012-drummer, sound engineer in the restaurant "Crimea", Alushta.
2014-2015-artist of the orchestra at the Musical Drama theater of Kherson, participation in concerts and show programs.
2015-2016-China, Harbin Volga Manor, a performing theatre.