Pop Jazz Latin Trio 5015

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pop Jazz Latin Trio 5015

The Trio plays jazz standards: ballads, medium tempo, Bop Up Tempo, Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, Boleros and more. They can create different atmospheres, like soft dinner music as well as a high energy Night Club Show.

R. Bass Player
R.'s father, a bassit and singer, got him his start playing bass in local soul and blues bands. Ruben moved to Buenos Aires to study Jazz at the Walter Malosetti Jazz School. He went on to work professionally with other groups, performing in Pubs, Hotels, Casinos, Theatres and Jazz Festivals in Argentina. R. has recorded with some of the best musicians and singers of his country.

V. Guitar and Vocals
Born in Argentina, V. lived in Brazil for 15 years where he studied guitar. He performed in Salvador and Brazil before moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina. V. has performed with many popular singers in Chile, Brazil, Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

Born in Argentina in 1973, E. is a singer and guitar player of Jazz, funk and bossa nova. She graduated from the ITMC in Buenos Aires and continued her education in private lessons. Like V. and R., E.has performed with different groups in pubs, hotels and private parties. In 1998 she was a finalist in the contest New Voices For Publicity (Channel 13 Buenos Aires). In 2004 she worked for the record tribute to Nina Simone (Pocket Song USA). For the last 12 summer seasons she has performed at the venues of Pinamar Beach.