Pop And Jazz Trio 5044

Kiev, Ukraine

Pop And Jazz Trio 5044

More then 10 years experience,succsessfully performed in hotels, clubs,restaurants of
the many countries around the world allow us to execute practically any requirements
of the employers.

1984-1989 -Work in orchestras and groups in restaurants,hotels,resorts of

1990-1991 - work as duo in "Momotaro Club",Tokuyama,Japan

1991-1993 - work as trio in Cabaret "Lion Rouge", Luxembourge

1993-1995- work in alive band in Night Club,hotel "Lidia",Turkey

1998-2000-work as trio in hotel "Sun&Sand", Night Club"Pavarotti",Dubai

2000-2001- hotel "Savanna", Hummamet,Tunisia

2001-2002 - hotel "Antbel",Belek,Turkey

2002-2006- hotel "Regina Style",Hurghada,Egypt

2006-2009 "Irish Pub", Zaporozhye,Ukraine.

2009-2011 restaurant "Sir Lancelot" Ukraine