Piano Player 105875

Nikolaev, Ukraine

Piano Player 105875


work experience:
1971-1979-studies in children's music school
1979-1081-head and keyboardist music ensemble at college
1981-1987-director and member of the working amateur team.
1987-1992-pop-band manager of the trade union of plant.
1992-1996-accompanist of children's choir at the palace of culture.
2001-2008 work in restaurants and cafes in the position of pianist and keyboardist in the pop-band
2008-2010-work on the contract in Korea hotels
2013-2016-american cruise ships

2)fly me to the moon-b.howard
3)for sentimental reasons-w.best
4)younger than springtime-r.rodgers
5)watch what happens-m.legrand
8)when i fall in love-v.young
9)what a wonderful world-g.d.weiss
10)what kind of fool am i-l.bricusse
13)for you,for me,for evermore-g.gershwin
14)that's all-a.brandt
15)sunny side of the street-d.fields
18)some of these days-s.brooks
20)some day my pronce will come-f.churchill
21)smoke gets in your eyes-j.kern
22)quiet nights of quiet stars-a.c.jobim
23)nature boy-e.ahbez
24)my romance-r.rodgers
25)my favorite things-r.rodgers
26)my funny valentine-r.rodgers
27)over the rainbow-h.arlen
28)one note samba-a.c.jobim
29)my one and only love-g.wood
30)moonlight in vermont-k.suessdorf
31)moonlight serenade-g.miller
33)lover man-j.davis
34)let's fall in love-h.arlen
35)l'il darling-n.hefti
36)the lady is a tramp-r.rodgers
37)killer joe-b.golston
38)in the mood-j.garland
39)i love paris-c.porter
40)i loves you porgy-g.gershwin
41)i left my heart in sanfrancisco-g.cory
42)i could have danced all night-f.loewe
43)i fall in love too easily-j.styne
44)the gantle rain-l.bonfa
45)i can't give you enything but love-j.McHugh
46)how high the moon-m.lewis
47)honeysuckle rose-t.waller
49)whisper not-b.golston
50)this masquerade-l.russell
51)killing me softly with his song-c.fox
52)all the things you are -j.kern
53)at parting waltz-l.reed
54)tea for two-i.ceazar
55)take five-p.desmond
56)bye bye black bird-r.hrnderson
57)blue moon-r.rodgers
58)the man i love-g.gershwin
60)water to drink-a.c.jobim
61)ain't she sweet-m.ager
63)alice in wonderland-s.fain
64)all alone-i.berlin
65)alpne too long-a.shwartz
66)black and blue-h.brooks
67)april in paris-v.duke
68)are you havin any fun-s.fain
69)as long as i live-h.arlen
70)allong last love-c.porter
71)aunt hagar's blues-w.c.handy
72)autumn in new york-v.duke
73)beatyful love-v.young
74)better luck next time-i.berlin
75)between the deviland
77)a blossom fell-h.cornelius
78)blue flame-j.noble
79)black coffe-p.francis
80)black berry winter-a.wilder
81)blame it on my youth-o.lewant
82)blue prelude-j.bishop
83)blue star-v.young
84)blue room-r.rodgers
86)how insnsitive-a.c.jobim
87)your my everithing- from s.esmeralda
88)little flover-h.salwador
89)the shadow of your smile-j.mandel
90)el condor pasa-peru song
91)house of the rising sun-erin song
92)and i love her-beatles
93)un homme et une -fr.movies
94)my all-from m.karey
95)song from f.papetty
96)nigght after the carnival-from"black orpheus"
97)the birth day of friend-s.wonder
98)only you-from e.presley
99)sunny-from boney.m
100)never forever-a.constantinos
101)pink live-france song
102)love story-f.lay
104)song from gotfather movies-n.rotta
105)unsuccessful meeting-g.tsfasman
106)emanuel-france song
107)rain drops falling on my head
108)road on the chtanoga
111)autumn leaf-m.kosma
113)salut-france song from j.dassen
115)i will wait for you-m.legrand
116)i just call-s.wonder
117)all of me-j.marx
119)song from g.michael
120)spanish eyes
122)"the snow falls" from s.adamo(france song)
123)sealed with a kiss
124)my love for you -g.benson
126)a tua-from j.dassen(france song)
127)moon river
128)my way-from f.senatra
129)song from d.russus
131)good by my love-a.konstantinos
132)luliaby of birdland-g.sheering
133)girl from ipanema-a.c.jobim
134)let it be-beatles
135)parole-from dalida(france song)
136)la paloma-cubas song
137)mon me-from p.kaas(france song)
138)yelow ribbon
139)mack the knife-from"three penny opera"
140)sorry seems-e.john


1) love and tears-n.kornish
2) red roses-s.maltabar
3) These Eyes (Waltz)-j.nich
4) charm-v.otkul
5) loneliness-j.pankov
6) Juno-a.protasov
7) You-i.rudman
8) mirror-c.savin
9) Autumn Dream (waltz)-a.joys
10) Life without love-g.smolar
11) this complex world-a.chizhov
12) Winter Maple-k.strembey
13) tender and affectionate (Waltz)-e.doga
14) Nocturne-a.babajanyan
15) under the blue sky-b.teltsov
16) summer evening-b.ulevich
17) three days of happiness-c.fedotov
18) deserted land-d.khabas
19) Twilight-d.tsvigun
20) in an old cafe-o.chebanov
21) snows-v.shir
22) cherries-n.eresku
23) What has happened-m.yanov
24) only once-s.astakhov
25) the nightingales lost-p.belveys
26) Long live love!-a.vartanov
27) I was sure-a.vesnin
28) purple haze-g.garke
29) burning leaves-k.danko
30) on an iceberg-e.zharkov
31)the rain and me-j.zats
32) only so-p.ivlev
33) seeking a meeting-m.kadiev
34) the Candles-c.labukhin
35) the Spring bouquet-p.mamonov
36) are good omens-m.nasyich
37) the instant-s.opokin
38) last summer-t.peskov
39) the forgotten song-j.rudolf
40) this does not happen again-i.reznik
41) instant-s.sanov
42) bitterness Viburnum-u.terzi
43) as many years-c.ulanov
44) green eyes-g.garke
45) over the clouds (Waltz)-c.labukhin
46) stars fell summer -s.maltabar
47) Song Thrush-e.zharkov
48) at dusk -m.nasyich
49) pilgrim-k.danko
50) storm-p.ivlev
51) in the blue haze -i.rudman
52) bright dreams-t.peskov
53) swan-fidelity-v.shir
54) red rowan-d.khabas
55) among the sand dunes-s.sanov
56) nightingale grove-b.ulevich
57) Listen, my friend -g.smolar
58) yellow leaves-a.vartanov
59) Doll-n.eresku
60) making mention of thee-d.tsvigun