Female Singer Pianist 10172

Rome, Italy

Female Singer Pianist 10172

Year of birth: 1980

-Music Academy, Latina, Diploma in Opera Singing, 2003
-Sacred and Secular Music Choir, Latina, 1995/2003
-Workshop in Popular Music run by Lucilla Galeazzi, Latina, 1997


Pacifica, Neo Romantica and Fascinosa ships

International Festival in Braila, Romania

Music in San Remo, Italy

in Sardinia, Italy

D'Avino at the Parco della Musica Auditorium (Sinopoli Hall) in Rome

board the Costa Romantica)

- Teacher of Modern Singing, with live concerts in Rome

2013 to 2015: Piano entertainer for Costa Cruises, on board the Fortuna,

2012: Winner of the Grand Prix at the "George Grigoriu" Light Music

2011: Winner of "A microphone for San Remo", National Festival of Italian

2011: Finalist, Terracina Jupiter Prize

July to September 2010: Musical entertainer at the "Torre Moresca" hotel club

November 2009: Chorister and soloist for "Canto d'ammore" a concert by Fabio

May to October 2009: Lead vocalist of Band for Costa Cruises (on

2006-2007 academic year: The Scarlatti Music School, via O. da Gubbio, Rome

May to July: Singer in piano bar Beach Resort Foggia, Italy

13 October 2006: Recital on Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, "La Clinica, questa nostra
casa" with the SAT&B choir of Maria Grazia Fontana

2006: "Domenica In" Soprano in SAT&B gospel choir conducted by Maria Grazia Fontana, Rai Uno (national TV channel), Rome

2004: "Adesso Sposami", national TV broadcast presented by Antonella Clerici -
Soprano in gospel SAT&B choir conducted by Maria Grazia Fontana, Rai Due, Rome

2004: Estaba la Madre directed by Louis Bacalov, the National Theatre of Rome

2004: "Sandro Giacobbe" Tour 2004 - Chorister

2004: "Phantom of the Opera" (the film) - Dubbing as soprano chorister

2003: "Sandro Giacobbe" Tour 2003 - Chorister

2003: Soprano chorister for Pope John Paul II honorary degree award at the Nervi Hall, Vatican City

2000 to 2003: Soloist and chorister for the orchestra tour in Italy, Switzerland and Qatar

2002: Soloist and chorister for the tour in Italy

2000: Soloist for the jazz orchestra, Carlton Hotel, St. Moritz, Switzerland

1999: Rossini's "Stabat Mater" - First soprano at the Auditorium of the Music Academy in Latina

1998: Choir Soprano chorister for concert conducted in Latina

1997: Choir-Soprano chorister for concert in Latina

1996 to 2004: Live concerts as an opera soloist and chorister at events and religious celebrations in Italy and Switzerland