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Pop Jazz Band 8283
Kiev, Ukraine

Creation Date: October 2010
Overall experience: 10 years mnimum every musician in different projects

Vocals - she born in 1992 A very talented singer. Higher education KU them. BD Hrinchenko (ex. KSPU) Department of Musical Arts. In the group since 2014. During his time has established itself as a responsible, creative and promising personality.

Guitar (vocals, back-vocals) - born in 1979 A professional musician since 1999. Participated in projects such as: Controbanda, Kinzana, New Day. Founder of group.

Bass guitar (vocals, back-vocals) - born in 1972 A professional musician since 1995. Participated in the group VIA Melody. Founder of group.

Keyboards (vocals, back-vocals) - born in 1989. Owns professional tool since 2000, beautiful vocals. He was a member collectives New Day, stood at the origins of the group.

Percussion - born in 1983 Professional experience playing drums since 2000. One of the founders of group.

Establish itself as a fiery, energetic, resilient musicians, but the fancy of so many members of the public of the capital! And all this because we sincerely and wholeheartedly love as our business and our listeners, and every going on stage we give them sea drive, positive and just a good mood.


- Since 2010, residents of many well-known institutions of the city Kiev. On account of the group a lot of weddings and corporate work such as hypermarket Epicenter 10 years in 2013. TelecomFiesta 2013 (Alushta city), TelecomFiesta 2014 (Odessa city). Just the guys performed at many open areas OpenAir
- In the summer of 2014 the group was invited to Amsterdam as the headlining show at the park JoyLand city of Changzhou, China. Which has established itself as a team of professionals and was officially invited to the next season.

On account of the staff more than 200 large corporate events. The repertoire of the group of more than 200 proizvideny as foreign pop and Soviet ranging from the 80s to modern hits.


1. Adele - Rolling in the dip
2. Boney M - Daddy Cool
3. James Brown - I feel Good
4. Blur- Song 2
5. Zucerro - Baila
6. Jeanne Aguzarova - Leningrad rock-n-roll
7. Zemfira - Girl ripe
8. Bon Jovi - it's my life
9. Tina Terner - simple the best
10. Katy Perry - hot'n'cool
11. Joan Jett - I love Rock'n'roll
12. Maroon 5 - This love
13. Daft Punk- Get lucky
14. The offspring - The kids aren't Alright
15. Boney M - Sunny
16. Shakira - Objection
17. Pink - You and your hand
18. Carrie Underwood - Good Girl
19. Kelly Clarkson - stronger
20. Rihanna - S&M
21. Lady Gaga - The edge of Glory
22. Rusmus - in the shadow
23. Marron 5 - Like jagger
24. Chuk Berry - jonny be good
25. Gloria Gaynor - I will survive
26. Michel Telo - Nosa
27. Michael Jackson - black or white
28. Sixpense none the richer - kiss me
29. Serebro - Mama Lover
30. Sheryl Crow- sweet child o mine
31. Retro rangers - Long train running
32. Pink - try
33. Roxette - Sleeping in me car
34. Lenny Kravitz - Fly away
35. Los Lobos - La Bamba
36. Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro - Stambli'in
37. Vaya Condios - Hah neh Nah
38. Shocking Blue - Venus
39. Afric Simon - Hafanana
40. Eros Ramazzotti & Tina Terner - Cose Della Vita
41. Shakira & Rihanna - I can't remember to forget
42. Trophy - Today is Friday
43. Scorpions - wind of Change

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