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Pop Band 106728
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date of Birth: 1986

Languages: Spanish and English

Educational Background Music:
Conservatory studies and also private teachers both local and international.

Job Experience:
- I have played with musicians like: Terry Harrington (Earth,Wind and FireKenny GThe Simpsons; usa), Jeff Hughes (pianist of Glenn Miller; usa.), Fito Paez, Hilda Lizarazu, Lito Vitale, Haydee Milanes (cuba), David Bolzoni, Paola Miranda and many more, both local and international.

- Five years' experience working for Celebrity Cruises and MSC Cruises on Jazz Quartet and Ball Room band.

- Extensive experience playing in hotels as Sheraton, Hilton, and more.

- Different groups playing styles such as jazz, bossa nova, funk, pop, salsa, rock, and Broadway musicals.

- Drum teacher for 10 years.

Blues guitar Miguel Botafogo, jazz guitar Lito Epumer, Carlos Campos and Pino Marrone. Harmony and complementary piano John Paul Yorston and Anibal Zorrilla.

Experience as a musician:
-Play the guitar at age 11. Three years later he became interested in Blues and get to play with the most important musicians of that genre in Argentina.
-At eighteen began his passion for Jazz and since then attends the jams which share sessions with renowned jazz musicians from the local scene.
-Group formed its own compositions accompanied by musicians like John Cava, Paul Sanfilippo, Flavio Romero, Andres Pellican, Pablo Elorza, Leonel Cejas, Yonatan Mihelson.
He joined the group. He opened the jam of "La Ratonera" for two years, in which great jazz musicians attended international and Argentina.


At the age of 8 she started participating in several choirs, such as "ArsNova", "Arsis" and finally in the children's choir of the "School of Music". At age eleven , she took private piano lessons and ear training . At fifteen she attended the Academy of Valeria Lynch and Kike Teruell, winning a scholarship to the 3rd International Congress of Musical and Rock Operas. During her teenage years she sang in bars and stadiums from Salta, in the styles of Funk, Soul, Blues and Rock. At age 18 she traveled to Buenos Aires to study at the Technological Institute of Contemporary Music (ITMC) where she began his career and graduated as a professional singer in 2007.
After two years she studied at the Juan Manuel de Falla Conservatory, arranging and composing Argentine Tango and Folklore.

Work session:
She's been working as a singer since 2006, working on events, festivals and openings with various jazz and fusion groups.

She toured Argentina with the rock group.

She started projects Swing and Blues band.

She shared the stage with Diego Garcia (Andres Calamaro), Tono Silva ( Charly Garcia ), Pablo Cano "Sarcophagus" (Ratones Paranoicos) , Rodolfo Gorosito (Lerner, Gieco ), Martin Luka (Memphis la Blusera) among others.
She performed theater shows at "La Trastienda", "Velma Cafe" and "Paseo la Plaza", pop singing with different groups of artists and comedians.

In 2012 she traveled to Mexico with the group singing Soul, Funk and Rock in hotel chains at the Riviera Maya.

2005 - 2008 Escuela de Musica Contemporanea
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Professional Musician (Graduate)

2003 - 2006 Conservatorio Nacional Lopez Buchardo
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Professional Musician (Incomplete)

2005 - 2006 Privately with Mariano Otero
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Bass lessons

2003 - 2004 Privately with Cesar Franoy
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Bass lessons

2001 - 2003 Privately with Daniel Maza
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Bass lessons

Celebrity Cruises
Short contract in 2015

Princess Cruises
From 2010 to 2014 (6 contracts)

Showtime Argentina
in 2010 became a part of Showtime Argentina's staff for booking management and representation as the bassist player of Vintage People for short and long term contracts for hotels and cruises.

Corporate Events
Sheraton - Four Season - Hostel Reina Madre-Cilantro-Regal Pacific-KIA Motors-Pozo Santo-Recoleta Cultural Center-Movistar-Personal-Shows around the country

Anel Paz, Juan Ponce de Leon, Delfina Pena (High School Musical), Lissa Vera (Bandana) , Cabezones (Rock)

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