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Band 8696
Nis, Serbia

Male 1 - lead pianist/back vocals
Date of Birth: 26.11.1981
Height: 5ft8,
Weight: 70kg,
Hair Color: dark black,
Eyes color: brown,
Has appeared at some of most prestigious international venues as a piano player and composer and has a great expiriance as a part of many choir ansambles that performed across the Europe as a part of entertainment industry.On year 2013 played on NCL cruise ship and on year 2014 he played six month contract on Costa Pacifica cruise ship.He finished contract with great evaluation points.

Male 2
High School of Chemistry and Food Technology (2002-2006);
Faculty of Management in Zajecar, Megatrend University (2006-2010).
2005 performed with pop band "The Fuse", Nis;
2006 performed with jazz band "Ok Connection";
2011 performed with "StuP", Nis;
2011 performed on International Tourism Fair in Brussels with 'StuP';
2011 performed on International Jazz festival Nisville with 'StuP' Nis.
2013 played at NCL cruise ship;
2014 played on Costa Pacifica cruise ship;

Male 3 - bass player
Date of birth : 05.02.1973

- Elementary school of music,section clarinet in Paracin,Serbia;
- Military high school,musical section for clarinet and doublebass
finished in Sarajevo;
- Faculty of Arts,section doublebass, finished in Nis;
- Master degree for doublebass finished in Faculty of Arts in Nis;
- From '91 since '94 played in Art ansamble of Serbian Military;
- From '94 to 96' worked as a teacher in Elementary school of music in Paracin,Serbia;
- From '2011 since '2012 worked as professor of doublebass in musical Elementery and High school in Kraljevo,Serbia;

Male 4
Date of birth : 09.10.1980.

High school : Svetozar Markovic - Nis,Serbia (1994 - 1998);
Faculty of Law - Nis,Serbia (1998 - 2002);

2002: performed with jazz - funk band Serbia;
2005: performed with pop band
2006: performed with jazz band
2008: performed with Milan Petkovic trio on bass;
2009: performed with 'Misty jazz sextet';
2011: performed his own tunes with his band
2006 : played on 'International Jazz festival Nisville' Serbia - Nis with Ok Connection;
2007: played on 'International jazz festival Nisville' Serbia - Nis with Milan Petkovic Trio on bass;
2011 : played on 'World International fair in Brussels' with 'Stup',representing Serbian jazz music;
2011: played on 'Aida Blue' cruise ship with 'Sunset trio' ;
2012:played on 'Aida Bella' cruise ship with 'Dukeland trio' ;
2013: played on NCL cruise ship with Be free party band and worked as Band leader;
2014: played on Costa Pacifica with Be free party band and worked as Band leader;
2006,2007,2011 - Worked as a stage manager on 'Nisville' International Jazz Festival;

Male 5 - Performer, Entertainer, Lead Vocalist , Playing Guitars and Harmonica
DATE OF BIRTH: 23.02.1979.

-Painting at Fine Arts school "Djordje Krstic " Nis, Serbia (1994-1998)
-Graphic Design at "University of Arts in Belgrade", Serbia

2000. One of two lead vocalists in cover pop band ;
2003. Frontman in band (Serbia) Band constantly performed as a cover band ( The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Sting, Elvis Presley, B.B.King...) all over the country;
2004 awarded (as song co-writer with Denis Napast) for best song and live performance on "Unplugged Fest 2004" by Serbian Broadcasting Corporation RTS;
2007 performed as special guest to "Jazz Orchestra Leskovac" at EXIT festival in Novi Sad ,Serbia;
2008. performed with pop band (Serbia);
2010. Joined Alexandar Anastasijevic ( piano) as Vocalist and performed Lounge music ( Swing ,Jazz and Pop) at five star "Grand Park Hotel","Europaischer Hof"(Bad Gastein, Austria) and others in regia;
Also performed with party Band " Alexandar and Friends"every New Year's Eve celebrations,In those hotels, and ocaisonaly as one man band on acoustic guitar;
2011 Formed club band(Nis,Serbia) and made one of most wanted ( Blues, Soul, Rock'n'Roll) cover bands around;
2011 performed as guest with "Academic Choir of Nish";
2013 performed with smooth jazz quartet "INDIGO" (Leskovac);
2014 performed a six month contract on a Costa Pacifica cruise line with Cosmic band(ex Be free)

DATE OF BIRTH: 07.07.1984.

- Gymnasium Pirot, Pirot, Serbia (1999-2003)
- Faculty of Sciences, Departement of Geography and Tourismology, Nis, Serbia (2003-2008);

- Singing from an early age, but notably since 1999 in high school days with her band and in a schools choir. Later performing in clubs popular repertoire with various local musicians.
- Styding brought her in Nis and give her chance to grow with her new band singing her favourite repertoar from soul, funk to acid jazz. During that period she was also a finalist of a famous singing contest "Idol" which took place in Belgrade in 2005. including not only Serbian contestants, but also Macedonian and Montenegrian.
- she performed on International jazz festival "Nisville" in 2006. and 2008.,
- on Valjevo jazz Festival in 2009.
- From 2009. to 2011. kept on performing in local clubs mostly jazz reprtoire. Ferbuary 2011. performed as a guest singer in International tourism fair in Brussels with band "Stup" promoting Serbian jazz festival "Nishville". Until now she kept on singing various music styles and turned to popular music with bend "So&So".
- On year 2014 she played a six month contract on Costa Pacifica cruise ship where she had great evaluation points with Cosmic band.

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