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Band 8634
Mariupol, Ukraine

The group was established in 2012.
Extensive experience in a variety of activities, work in the restaurant and klubah.v 2013 worked in Moskve.vryamya of time working on weddings and korporativam.Na currently looking for a job for granitsey.Imeem diverse repertoire (songs with female vocals, male and also instrumental compositions) .Blagodorya professional (educated) composition band have the opportunity to perform music of all styles and trends.

Male 1 - Drums
Date of birth: 17.08.1983

1998-2002 - Industrial college of Pryazovskyi State Technical University
2004-2006 - Mariupol college of music
Brass and percussion instruments

2007-2009 - Drummer and singer in South Korea Everland park
2009-2010 - Worked in a band in Moscow
2010-2012 - Worked as a singer in Mariupol on various events
2012-2013 - Worked as a singer in a Russian restaurant in Beijing
2013 - Worked as a singer in Mariupol on various events

Female - Singer
Date of birth:25.03.1996
4th year in the Mariupol college of music; participated in jazz contests amongst youth;
had been singing in restaurants of Mariupol; gave concert tours in Ukraine with a dance orchestra;currently works as a soloist for Mariupol jazz orchestra.

Male 2 - Saxophone
Date of birth: 23.11.1993

2008-2011 Played saxophone "Gems of Sartana" ("Sartanskiye samotsvety")
2010-2012 Played saxophone in a jazz orchestra in Mariupol
2012-2014 Played saxophone in various jazz projects, restaurants, cafes, etc.

2004-2010 Mariupol school of music ?4
2010-2012 Mariupol college of music
orchestra soloist

2012-2014 Kharkiv college of music n.a. B.M.Lyatoshinsky
dance orchestra soloist, conductor

Male 3 - Keyboard
Date of birth: 23.07.1988
1995-2003 - Mariupol specialized music school, pianoforte
2003-2007 - Mariupol college of music, pianoforte
2007-2012 - Donetsk State Academy of Music n.a. S.S.Prokofiev, orchestral department, chair of musical variety arts

Male 4 - Bass guitar
Date of birth: 14.05.1985

2005-2008 - Donetsk college of music;
participated in jazz contests amongst youth;
had been playing in restaurants of Mariupol and Donetsk; performed a contract on a cruise liner.

Male 5 - Guitar
Date of birth: 02.01.1985
2005-2008 - Mariupol college of music, guitar, bassoon; graduated from Donetsk State Academy of music;
Worked in Mariupol municipal dance orchestra; played in various cafes, restaurants; gave concert tours in Ukraine with dance band;
works as a lecturer in Mariupol specialized school of music

Jazz Standardts
Autumn leaves
Take five
Blue bossa
Helloy Dolly
Fly me to the moon
My funny Valentine
How insensitive
In The Mood
The Man Ilove
Manha De Carnaval
Besame Mucho
Jingle Bells
Satin Doll
In The Sentimental Mood
Take the a train
Over the Rainbow
Sing sing sing
Let it snow!!let it snow!!
Pop Music
Shade-Smooth Operator
Jennifer Lopez- lets get loud
James Brown- I feel good
Whitney Houston-I will Always love you
Shocking Blue- Venus
Sam Brown -Stop
G Moore-Still Got The Blues
Eagles-Hotel California
Adele-Rolling in the Deep
Boney M -Sany
Abba -Happy new yaer
I Do,I Do,I Do.
Mamma Mia
Super trooper
Tina Turner-Simply the Beast
If I feel
Let it be
Come Together
Elvis Presley-Only you
Love my Tender
Pretty woman
Can't Falling in Love
Sting - Englishman in New York
Fields of Gold
How Insensitive
It's Probably Me
La Belle Dame Sans Regrets

Shape Of My Heart

Tom Jones- Delilah
My Way
She's A Lady
Sex Bomb
Adriano Celentano-Amore No
E Intanto Il Tempo Se Ne Va

Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Sorry Seems To Be

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