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Band 108402

Montreal , Canada

All of the band members have a lot of stage experiences that lead them to play all across the globe. Band's repertoire is very up to date and versatile, as it includes a lots of differents music styles, amoung which: Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip Hop, Latin, Funk, Raggae and so much more.

She began singing at the age of three while her grandmother played the piano. She quickly became a primary solo vocalist within the church choir and school choir. At thirteen, she discovered the art of the acoustic guitar and performed solo in front of her peers.
While focusing on studies and extracurriculars including honing her craft for music, she continued an education in communication and journalism at Texas A&M University. In 2015, she signed her first international contract as a professional vocalist with El-Live Productions. Since March of 2015, she has performed in three piece,
four piece, five piece, and seven pieces bands - spanning from the heart of the Middle East to the very corners of Southeast Asia. She continues to perfect her craft every day and is motivated by travel, growing as an artist, and embracing new cultures.

He begins music at a very young age when he learned violin. He was part of an intensive music program at elementary school and continues his musical studies at the secondary level. At age of 16, he bought his first electric bass and discovers a new passion. He learns jazz in college, master classes and private lessons. During school, he starts playing upright bass. He was part of the Band and interpretation classes of his school. After graduation, Gabriel took experience on the professional scene, cruise ships and hotels. He is a member of several groups and did many shows. He joins the band-plays on the Montreal music scene. His influences are RnB, Jazz, Latin and Rock. He is a passionate young musician, versatile and is always looking for new musical experiences.

Having a deep passion about drumming, Joel as started to play at the age of 9. Going in a journey of non stop drumming learning, he first study with local teachers and then move on to graduate from the college d'alma and he study at the University of laval in jazz performance. After that he also studied with some of the world's greatest drums teachers, among which Stephane Chamberland and Dom Famularo in New York City. With those studies and thousands of hours of personnal practice, he acquires a deep understanding of the most modern drumming techniques, coordination, time and independence. He also have great sight reading skills and a strong understanding of music.
Joel can play all styles of music among which:
Jazz, Pop, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Fusion, Latin, Classical and much more.
As a drummer, Joel performs with hundreds of bands and musicians in differents clubs, theaters and festivals in differents countries, among which: Canada, U.S.A, Morroco, France, Malaysia
and U.A.E. As a drummer he gain a lot of experience in those playing experience where he performed several shows a week and sometimes several shows per day. Joel's also did hundreds of drum clinics in Canada and Europe and as been a drum teacher for about 15 years now, having the privilege to share and teach his passion with drummers from begginers to professionals.

Guitarist, Rapper, song writer and producer was born in england, but moved to canada at 18 months old. He grew up in Montreal and started playing guitar at the age of 13 when he first started attending a special high school called F.A.C.E , Fine Arts Core Education. He played in several bands as a young teenager, playing high school dances and parties and then on to playing
in clubs and bars with various cover and original bands.
Paul went on to graduated from Concordia University with a bachelors degree in music. After graduating he taught music privately at a music school for 6 years, and had his own cover band that played around the club scene in montreal and did various corporate gigs, restaurants and the occasional wedding.
Paul fluent in most styles: top 40 r&b, rock, blues, jazz, Classical, has been working as a professional musician for 20 years. For the last 10 years, he has been working in asia and the middle east, more specifically, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Bali, Seoul, Tai Pei, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Bahrain, and Moroco, doing 4 to 6 month contracts in 5 star hotels.
Band 108402
Band 108402
Band 108402
Band 108402

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