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Dancer 9473
Alexandria, Ukraine

Date of birth: June 15, 1986 (28 years)
Height: 173
Weight: 68

- 01.09.2005 to 30.06.2010 National Pedagogical Drahomanova University, Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, Ukraine, Kiev.
Profession: Coach and teacher, organizer in the field of physical culture and sports.
- 2000 to 2005. Alexandria Pedagogical College.
Specialty - Teacher of Physical Education at junior high school.
- 1992 to 2000. Alexandria secondary school.

- Currently I am working original genre Cyr Wheel - Janfusun FancyWorld, V.G. Entertainment Company, Taiwan (to 10.01.2016)
- Dancer show group
From 01.04.2014 to 15.10.2014
Interteyment show company "Unique" - Turkey, Antalya, Kemer.
Dancer show group (styles: modern dance, jazz, jive, hip-hop, contemporary).
- Dancer - animator of sport
From 10.03.2013 to 26.10.2013 - (8 months)
Lyra Resort Hotel 5* - Turkey, Side. Organizing and participating in dance shows.
- Dancer - animator of sport
Work on the network Paloma hotels 5* - (Turkey)
From 01.03.2012 to 03.11.2012 - (9 months)
Paloma Oceana Resort & Spa Hotel 5*.Organizing and participating in dance shows.
- Teacher of Physical Education and Sport
From 30.08.2010 to 29.02.2012 (1 year and 6 months)
- Alexandrian Pedagogical College of Sukhomlinsky (education, science, management)
Organizing and conducting classes (lectures) on physical culture and sports - pedagogical discipline to the method of teaching (sports, outdoor games, swimming).
- Coach break-dance, dance studio
From 01.09.2008 to 20.05.2009
Dance studio "Gold Dragon" - Ukraine, Kiev.
Organizing and conducting classes break-dance (style, footwork, powermove).
- The educator organizer (Traineeship)
From 29.06.2006 to 30.08.2006
International Children's Center "Artek" (organizes outdoor activities and dance class for children)
Organization and conduct of sport - entertainment, sports and outdoor games, dance class, active healthy recreation for children.

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