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Dancer 9093
Lugansk, Ukraine

Birth: the 11 of July
Weight: 70
Height: 182

- 2007-2011 Lugansk regional college of culture and art, the specialty is "Choreography", qualification is the artist of ensemble of folk dancing.
- 2011-2013 Lugansk National University of Taras Schevchenko, sub-faculty is "Choreography", the faculty of folk choreography, specialty is choreograph and the head of the choreographic ensemble of folk dancing.

- 2005-2013- the participant of folk ensemble , participant and prise-winner of international competition and festival with awards. In 2010 the winners of children's international competition "Izmir" in Turkey.
- 2007-2011 formed a part of folk dancing "The Patterns of Lugansk".
- 2011-2013 formed a part of folk dancing "Kobzar" at the University.
- 2012-2013 was the choreograph of small group ( age of 4-8 years old) of folk ensemble
- 2013 worked as a dancer for a private employer in Turkey.
- 2014 was the dancer of the "Csanadu" hotel in Turkey.

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