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Jazz Dancer 5561
Chisinau, Moldova

Date of birth: 08.10.1989
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 79 kg

Trainer - Instructor - Dancer

Work experience:
Dancer "The Sky" Iasi - Romania - 5 years experience in several styles of dance
-Show Ballet Teodor ( Chisinau- , Moldova) 2 years experience, modern, jazz, contemporary dance
-Club of dance "Codreanca"( Chisinau, Moldova) Ballroom dance- 3 years experience
-Theatre of dance "Space" (Chisinau, Moldova) 4 years experience, modern, jazz, funky jazz, contemporary, hip-hop

Trainer- Instructor of dance- Academy of ballroom dance "Nikons" from Iasi, Romania 2008-2013
Trainer- Instructor- Dancer - Dance Troupe "The Sky" from Iasi, Romania 2008- 2013
Dance Teacher- School "Vasile Lupu" from Iasi 2010- 2013
Dance Teacher- in Kidsgarden "Paradisul Copiilor", and "Penila". 2009 - 2013

Education and training:
2005-2008 Graduated - School with arts profile- "Elena Alistar" From Chisinau, Moldova
2008-2012 Graduated -"Faculty of Law "Petre Andrei" From Iasi, Romania

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