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Dancer 2076
Minsk, Belarus

Date of birth: September 20th, 1987
Height: 169cm
Nationality: Belarus
1994-2005 Secondary education: School ? 20 of Borisov
2005-2010 Higher education: Belarusian State University of Culture (Department of Estrade Choreography)
2008 - traineeship in a summer dancing-school TSEKH, Moscow, Russia (masters: Denis Boroditsky - technique, Ann Robinoleaux - jazz)
2008-2009 - creative traineeship, Modern Theatre of Dance "D.O.Z.SK.I";
student teaching in the Centre of Contemporary Arts "Rubin", dancing-school "Jazz-hand"
2010 - studying, International Educational Project in the sphere of modern dances TSEKH, Moscow. Masters: Tatyana Tarabanova - afro-jazz, Alexander Pepelyaev - Laboratory. Directing. Composition.
Work experience
2007 - dancer, project Przebueva noc, Warsaw, on TV TVN
2007-2009 - actor, musical "Prorok"(The Prophet), "Theatre-Kulisa", Saint-Petersburg
Since 2008 - master, choreographer in the Centre of Contemporary Arts "Rubin", dancing-school "Jazz-hand"
Since 2009 - actor-dancer, musical "Metro", Warsaw Musical Theatre "Buffo"
2009 - ballet-master and choreographer in the New Year shootings on the TV-channel ONT, Belarus
2009 - choreographer, stage director , Summer camp "Zubrenok"
2010 - dancer, Project "Miss Belarus 2010"
2010 - Swedesh-Belarusian project improvise performance "But not me"
2011- So Think You Can Dance - Poland , Warshaw
2009-2013 teacher and choreographer school of Dance: MarkDance, JDS (Krakov, Poland), TurkusovaLampa (Warsaw, Poland), DNS-studio (Milanowek,
Poland), EDS (Warsaw, Poland), RytmDance (Warsaw, Poland), Teatr Studio
Zawirowania (Warsaw, Poland), FreeArtFusion (Warsaw, Poland)
2011-2013 Workshops teaching Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.
2012 Coaching project improvisation performance (Warsaw, Poland)
2012-Choreographer, Summer camp "Odys" (Tresna, Poland), choreographer, Winter camp "Beltane" (Kudovo-Zdroj, Poland and Czech Republic )
2012-2013 Choreographer musical for children "Planet of the yard",choreographer and director performance, producer of the short film (dancing project), and acting in it as the main role (soon available to see online).

2002-2005 - dancing pop-group "Vdokhnovenie" (Inspiration)
2006-2008 - dancer, Modern Theatre of Dance "D.O.Z.SK.I"
2008-2010 - dancer, Modern Theatre of Dance "Karakuli"
2009 - joint dance project with Maria Kovaleva, duet "Raznost" (Difference)
2010 - Swieds-Belorussishen project Contact improvision of Beno Vurhama.
2008 - Theatre festival "Belaya Vezha" (White Tower), Brest
2008 - festival "Russian Assembly", Moscow
2009 - Pop-dance festival, Minsk
2009 - Festival of International Dance IFMC, Vitebsk
2010 - "Zalataya maska" (Golden Mask), Moscow
2011-2013 Festival "SoloDuo", "Zawirowania", (Poland, Warsaw)
2013 member of the jury commission International Dance Festival "Reflection" (Ukraine,Kiev)

English and polish courses: Lingualand, Minsk
Driver's-license since 2008

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