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Dancer 3001
Budapest, Hungary

Birth date : 1991.04.25
Age: 21
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Hair: Brown

Profession: Dancer
Dance styles: classical ballet, contemporary,modern jazz, ballroom dances, show, musical


2005-2009: School of Győr Ballet Company
2009-2010: MU Terminal Contemporary Dance Company

Stage experience:

Kulcsar Noemi: Bolero (soloist)
Fejes Adam: Number 5
Barta Dora: Internest
Fejes Adam: Boxed in
Vladka Mala: 6 times 1
Gaal Mariann: There
Jens Bjerregaard: Falling and love
Fejes Adam: Inside (This production was made for the Contactzone International Dance Festival in co-production with the Pecs Ballet Company)
Feher Ferenc: Bahapa
Fejes Adam: Images
Fejes Adam: Vision
Barta Dora: Sans Visage
Andre Boll: Wa(h)resGelogen (in co-production with Bollwerk Dance Lab) tour:
Budapest: Mu Theater
Den Haag: Cadance Festival, De Regentes Theater
Groningen: Grand Theater
Geel: Culture Center de Werft
Amsterdam: Melkweg Theater

Cyprus, Larnaca
I took part in an international show as a dancer and choreographer, about the history of Cyprus.

Open-air Theatre of Szeged:
The merry widow (dancer)

Pr-Evolution Dance Company, Budapest:
Meszaros Mate: Variable
Hamor Jozsef: Der Blumen Garten
Nemes Zsofia: Movement mirror
Nemes Zsofia: On the falling leaves
Nemes Zsofia: " ...and white.." (Budapest Spring Festival)
Nemes Zsofia: Valentin is late
Nemes Zsofia: 2 days in New York

Hungarian State Opera House:
Verdi: Macbeth - opera(dancer)

Jaszai Mari Theatre, Tatabanya:
The jungle book - musical (dancer)

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