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Dancer 3202
Benidorm, Spain

From April 2012 : Production and Company Manager in the Grand Celebration (Costa Ibero)
From April 2011 : Company Manager and Head dancer in the Grand Celebration
From october 2011 to April 2011 : Head Dancer in the Grand Celebration
From February to april 2010 : Dancer for Rios production
From november to february 2009 : Dancer for Pullmantur
From June to october 2008 :
Dancer's captain for the compagny Travelling Productions
From June 2007 : Hostess in Aqualandia and fitness instructor in The Metropolitan
From September 2006 to April 2008: Dancer in Benidorm Palace and fitness instructor in the Princesa gym (Spain)
April - june 2006 : Dancer in the casino "la perla" (Slovenia)
February 2006- April 2006 : Fitness instructor in Moving (gymnase's chain in France)
January 2006 : Dancer at the william's in Milan
31 of December 2005 : Dancer at the Royan Casino
November 2005-December 2005 : Dancer a the William's in Milan
February 2005-June 2005 : Dancer at the Grand Palace in Lloret de mar
June 2004-November 2004 : Music Hall dancer on board the ship Grand Latino
November 2003-May 2004 : Dancer at the Benidorm Palace in Benidorm
June 2003-September 2003 : Gym and choregraphic instructor at Sunset beach Resort in Malaga
October 2002-January 2003 : Fitness instructor at the gym "Moving" in Dunkerque
November-May 2002 : Music Hall dancer in the carribbean

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