Band 2095
Poltava, Ukraine

Team was founded in autumn 2015.
During this period, the group worked out a lot of corporate events in Ukraine and two contracts in China.
Due to its musical mobility, the group plays music of various directions, ranging from soul to the most popular music that occupies the top of the hit parades.

Band experience
05.2019-01.2020 Hangzhou, China
10.2017-05.2018 Wuxi, Changzhou, China
09.2015-03.2017 Hangzhou, China

Female, vocalist
Year of birth - 1992
Height - 172 cm
Weight - 45 kg

2010-2013 Professional College

2017 Present Cover Band, Singer
2014-2016 Band
2012-2016 Freelance Singer

Male, bass guitar
Year of birth - 1992
Height - 182 cm
Weight - 84 kg

2013-2015 Donetsk College of Music, pop and jazz department
2010-2013 Melitopol Higher School of Culture

2015-2020 Present Cover Band, Guitarist
2010-2013 The National Orchestra of Ukrainian Instruments
2008-2010 The local ensemble of pop music in the palace of culture

Male, bass guitar player, back vocal
Year of birth - 1991
Height - 185 cm
Weight - 70 kg

2012-2016 Oles Honchar Dnipro National University.

2020 Bass player in cover band
2004-2018 The local ensemble of por, rock music in the palace of culture
2013-2016 Guitarist, Singer in local metal band

Male, drummer
Year of birth - 1992
Height - 174 cm
Weight - 75 kg

2011-2017 Higher medical education

2018-2019 cover band, pop, disco, lounge
2011-2014 pop-punk
2012-1014 ensemble of Lugansk State Medical University
2009-2011 pop-rock, rock, blues
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