Band 111085
St. Petersburg, Russia

Female, Pianist and singer
Year of birth - 1988

2007-2012 Conservatory, Petrozavodsk, Russia Jazz piano
2003-2007 Music College, Petrozavodsk, Russia Certificate of Education, Kantele-traditional instrument
1998-2003 Music School, Olonets, Russia Certificate of Education, kantele

2015-2020 Band - arranger, piano player, synthesizers; singer jazz, fusion, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2015-2020 Jazzaroo - arranger, singer, piano player, lounge, jazz, pop, latin, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2015-2020 jazz gigs in different places of Saint Petersburg, Russia
2015-2019 Saint Petersburg Institute of Culture, accompanist in ballet class
2015 music school "Virtuosos" piano and improvisation teacher, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2012-2020 Freelance piano teacher
2012-2014 Art school, accompanist, Kaliningrad, Russia
2012-2014 Dreadnought club, Pizzeria Don Chento, Vienna cafe and other clubs of Kaliningrad, piano player and singer, Kaliningrad, Russia
2010-2012 Fregat restaurant-club, piano player and singer, Petrozavodsk, Russia

Male, saxophone and flute player
Professional with 10 years experience.
Year of birth - 1986

2007-2012 Conservatory, Petrozavodsk, Russia Saxophone
2003-2007 Music College, Syktyvkar, Russia Saxophone
2014-2019 ThisIsBar, Saint-Petersburg, Griboedov club, Dom 7 club
2010-2012 Fregat restaurant-club, Petrozavodsk
2006-2007 Aquarium restaurant, Syktyvkar

Male, drum player
Professional drum player with 10 years experience, playing onstage with various bands and artists, familiar with different styles of music: rock, pop, jazz and funk
Year of birth - 1988

2011-2015 Musorgskij college of music, St. Petersburg, Russia

2016-2020 Jazzaroo music band, drummer
2015-2020 Freelance drum teacher
2013-2020 Empathy Project-drummer
2011-2015 Drummer, Mussorgsky college of music jazz orchestra
2011-2020 Freelance drummer with different music bands

Male, bass guitar player
Professional bass guitar player with 11 years experience playing onstage and for various bands and artists.
Year of birth - 1989

2005-2009 College of Music, Syktyvkar, Russia Bass guitar, Upright bass
2009-2012 Conservatory, Petrozavodsk, Russia Bass guitar, Upright bass

2015-2020 Band, Jazz, Fusion, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2011-2020 Freelance bass guitar teacher
2008-2020 Freelance bass guitarist with different music bands
2015-2019 This is bar, Dom 7, Police bar, Griboedov hill, Jazz philharmonic hall, Saint-Petersburg
2009-2015 Fm club, blues cafe, Kivach cafe, jam cafe, Petrozavodsk
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