Band 110580
Kherson, Ukraine

Female, flute player, pianist
Year of birth - 1989
Height - 172 cm
Weight - 59 kg

Artist of the orchestras and ensembles, flute, flute teacher
Odessa National Music Academy
Kherson Music College

2017-2019 Hotel "Nautilus" Italy
2017-2018 Restaurant "Pid Eleniem", Poland
2015-2017 Smile & Soul Entertainment, India
2013-2015 Odessa Music School, Ukraine
2010-2016 Odessa city orchestra, Ukraine

Female, singer
Year of birth - 1991
Height - 168 cm
Weight - 50 kg

Artist of orchestra, bandura, bandura teacher
Odessa national A.V.Nezdanova academy of music
Ternopil S.Krushelnitska college of music

2018 Urban music hall Ukraine
2017 Betty Barclay Ukraine
2016-2017 Night club "Final", Turkey
2016-2017 Night club "Koskum", Turkey
2014-2016 Odessa regional centre Ukrainian culture, Ukraine
2010-2011 Ostriv music school, Ukraine

Male, drummer
Year of birth - 1995
Height - 183 cm
Weight - 62 kg

Eastern European National University of Lesia Ukrainka

2014-2020 Professional drummer, different bands and groups, Ukraine
2018-2019 Lawyer in the village council Ukraine
2017-2018 Advertising manager in "VGP" Ukraine
2016 Seller-consultant in "7-23" Ukraine
2014 Hotel-Restaurant "Altamira" Ukraine

Male, guitarist, singer
Year of birth-1987
Height-183 cm
Weight-75 kg

Artist of orchestras and ensemble (folk flute), flute teacher
Kyiv University of culture and Arts
Lutsk College of culture and Arts

2017-2019 Hotel "Nautilus", Italy
2017-2018 Restaurant "Pid Eleniem", Poland
2016-2017 Smile and Soul Entertainment, India
2014-2016 Folk and Modern Ensemble "Dnipro", Ukraine
2007-2016 Kyiv College of Culture and Arts, Ukraine
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