Band 108408
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Band experience
2017-2019 Chimelong Paradise Park, Guangzhou, China

Male, Vocalist, Piano player
Year of birth - 1984
Height - 173 cm
Weight - 68 kg

Musician school
Institute of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. Specialist diploma

2017-2019 Vocalist, Music Band, Chimelong Paradise Park, Guangzhou, China
2010-2016 Artist - vocalist, Donetsk National Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater, Ukraine

Male, Bass guitar player
Year of birth - 1989
Height - 175 cm
Weight - 70 kg

Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture

2017-2019 Bass guitar player, Music Band, Chimelong Paradise Park, Guangzhou, China
2013-2017 Cover band. Bass guitar player, Ukraine

Female, Vocal
Year of birth - 1995
Height - 170 cm
Weight - 67 kg

2 years I.P. Kotlyarevsky Kharkov National University of Arts

2019 Bar "Moto Motto" Solo, duo, band singer, Guangzhou, China
2017-2019 Singer, Music Band, Chimelong Paradise Park, Guangzhou, China
2016 Restaurant "The Great" Singer, Athens, Greece
2016 Bar "Sky Roof" Solo, duo singer, Alexandria, Egypt
2014-2016 Restaurants: "Panorama", "Alt Bier", "Fat Goose Pub", "Puska" Solo, duo, band singer, Kharkov, Ukraine
2014-2019 Orthodox Church Choir singer, soprano, Kharkov, Kiev, Ukraine
2011-2013 Restaurant "Blues" Singer, Kharkov, Ukraine

Male, Keyboards, Sound engineer, musical arranger
Year of birth - 1977
Height - 182 cm
Weight - 93 kg

HPI Kharkiv National Technical University

2017-2019 Music Band, Chimelong Paradise Park, Guangzhou, China
2016 International cover band, Keyboards, Zhuhai, China
2013-2015 cover band, Keyboards, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2012-2014 pop band, Keyboards, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2011-2013 rock band, Keyboards, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2006-2011 Creative Agency, Sound engineer, musical arranger, Kyiv, Ukraine
2000-2008 CA "AM&K", TV Show Russia

Male, Guitarist
Year of birth - 1989
Height - 183 cm
Weight - 74 kg

National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine

2019 Cover Band, Guitarist, Ukraine
2018-2019 Cover Band, Guitarist, Ukraine
2017 Cover Band, Guitarist, Ukraine
2014 Music Duo, Acoustic, Guitarist Ukraine
2013 Music Band ,Rock, Bass player Ukraine
2011-2013 Music Band, Alternative Rock, Guitarist Ukraine
2009-2010 Music Band Guitarist Ukraine

Male, Drummer
Year of birth - 1992
Height - 178 cm
Weight - 81 kg

Zhytomyr State Technological University

2018-2019 Cover band, Drummer, Xian, Changchun, Qianjiang, Hangzhou China
2018 Drum Show, Drummer, Doha, Katar
2017-2018 Cover band, Drummer, Guangzhou, China
2016-2017 Cover band, Drummer, Kyiv, Ukraine
2016-2017 Drum Show, Drummer, United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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