Band 108364
Matanzas, Cuba

Band of 4 Cubans playing with passion various kinds of music, which has their roots in Caribbean, where they live and in all Latin America. Our activity began in 2010.
In 2011 they started international cooperation with the company TALLINK, providing our music services on touristic cruises and in hotels in Europe, Scandinavian and Baltic countries, as well as they have been playing regular concerts in Cuba.
They are 4 passionate professionals, who graduated in the high school of music arts in Cuba. Depending on the contract, our team can vary from 3 to 5 musicians, but we believe that to present to the public a broad spectrum of the music we have in our hearts, it would be great to have all 5 of us on the stage. Currently LATIN COMPASS consists of the following musicians:

Male, drummer
Year of birth - 1985
Height - 69 cm

Band manager and founder, playing various percussion instruments, e.g. bongos, congas, timbales, claves, etc.
Specializing in Cuban music. Having experience in playing individually, as well as in different bands. Is passionate about salsa.

Female, singer, flute player
Year of birth - 1996
Height - 170 cm
Specializing in classical and Cuban music.

Female, piano player, singer
Year of birth - 1993
Height - 168 cm
Specializing in voice emission and singing.

Female, singer and dancer
Year of birth - 1998
Height - 168 cm
Specializing in salsa and afro dancing.
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