African Acrobatic Group 1917
Kenia, Africa

More than 15 Artists
Their group is a great combination of different artists direct from the Kenya coast. They came together with the aim of displaying African talents with the culture all over the world. This are the wonder generation of artists who have been the best over 10 years performing typical African arts all over.

Mixed of African music dancing, Human pyramid, Limbo on fire, Hoope diving, Jumping selection, Rola Rola, Jugglings, Single and double rope skipping, Chair balancing, etc. Without mention all, it is a show with many to watch, Comedies, Dancing up to 45 minutes non stop live on stage.

The group have been welcomed in many countries in the globe, Denmark, China, Turkey, India, Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany,Cyprus, Spain including the DGI Denmark international Gym Show.

They were the only african artists choosed to represent the continent of Africa.
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