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Dancer 8498
Aikido, Vietnam

Date of birth: 14-12-1985

2012- Raj Mieu School of martial arts, speaciality- Aikido,Vietnam
2003-2007 Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, the
Theaterschool,Modern Theater Dance Department, BA degree
2007-2006 company education program, NYC/USA
2003-1998 state Moscow Dance Educational school, RU

2014-Winter Olympics Games Sochi 2014,Dancer- main cast,RU
2013- Benchellal Productions - Dancer, Russian tour
2012- 'Louise Night' choreography,BE
2012-Willy in Urban Spaces',Huis a/d Werf Festival,NL
2011-present Theater Tol,location theatre, productions:'Luce','Pedaleando',' Corazon de Angeles'
2011-'The', parkour project by , BE
2010-'Call me Kremlin', solo production ,International Russian dance festival Tsekh
2010-'Notre Dame de Paris', parkour/choreography ,BE
2009-2008 Gabriella Maiorino DC DWA/production 'Zoo' IT,NL
2007-Hans Hof Ensemble dance theatre, 'Boxing Pushking',NL
2006-'5ive' by Teck Voon, NL
2004-'Stau" DC, russian production,RU/NL

Film and Acting Work:
2012-'Cola Zero' commercial
2012-'Grolsch' commercial
2012- 'CrimiClowns' film by Luk Wyns, role of 'Axana', BE
2012-'De Verbouwing' film by Will Koopman, role of 'Martina Solovska'
2011-'De Hoer en het Meisje' film by Martijn , role of 'Tatiana,NL
2011- Gouden Gids commercial,NL 2011- Bobbejaanland commercial,BE
2010-'Sealy' matrasses commercial

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