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Dancer 6602
Vancouver, Canada

Weight:130 lbs
Height 5'7"
Age:21 Years

Dance style:Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Musical Theatre, Tap.

-Dancer-Lover's Cafe, Lovers Of Hendrix, Vancouver, BC 2013
-Dancer-Ant Hill Music video, Vancouver, BC 2013
-Dancer-Vancity Project,Vancouver BC 2013
-Dancer-Chinese Dance Festival, Vancouver BC 2013
-Dancer-Vancouver Sexiest Dancer, Vancouer BC 2013
-Dancer-Music Video, Riveal Entertainment, Vancouver, BC 2013
-Dancer-3D Hip Hop Company, Edmonton, AB 2010-2011
-Enchantress& Others, Beauty&The Beast, Broadway Live Boradway, Grande Prairie, AB 2010
-Skid Row Girl, Down On Skid Row, Chantelle Lomness-Seely, Grande Prairie, AB 2010
-Fun Girl, Hey Big Spender, Chantelle Lomness-Seely, Grande Prairie, AB 2009
-Dancer, Disney Magic Music Days, Chantelle Lomness-Seely, Anaheim, CA 2008
-Arabian Coffee & Spanish Chocolate, Nutcracker, Carrie Robbins, Grande Prairie, 2008
-Lipchiz, 6 Merry Murderesses, Chamtelle Lomness-Seely, Grande Prairie, 2007
-The Good Witch of the North, Wizard of OZ, M. Woodward, Grande Prairie, 2006
-NOW Dance Performance Troupe, Grande Prairie, AlB 2004-2009

Special Skills:
-Basic Ariel silks
-Basic Trapeze skills
-Snowboarding/ Wakeboarding/ rollerblading
-Partner lifts

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