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Belly Dancer 8430
Bogota, Colombia

Award-winning international belly dancer and choreographer.
she has had the honor of dancing in North and South America, Europe, and Middle East. In 2011 and 2013 she was an invited judge during several national and international belly dance competitions in Ukraine and in 2012 she participated as a belly dancer for a TV program "Aprender en casa" in Colombia.

Since 2002 She has been studying different types of belly dance, including Middle Eastern and North African folklore, classical and modern Raks Sharki, North American and Turkish oriental style of belly dance, and tribal cabaret.

In 2013 She del Sur participated in the International competition "Rakkas Istanbul", where she won first place in Turkish style, third place in Folklore style, and her choreography was chose by judges as one of the best.


December 15 - performance with students, organized by Alma de Tango "Clausura Alma de Tango 2013"; Bogota, Colombia

December 14 - invited dancer during "Milonga Show Muestra Final de Alumnos"; Bogota, Colombia

December 14 - performance with students at the "Clausura Asociacion Plenitud 2013"; Bogota, Colombia

November 30 - invited dancer at the "Clausura 2013" organized by social project Escuela Recreativa del Cuerpo "Bailando Sin Limites"; Bogota, Colombia

November 10 - invited dancer at the "Dia Blanca"-social project for physically challenged people; Bogota, Colombia

October 7 - October 30 - invited teacher at the Instituto Distrital de las Artes IDArtes; Bogota, Colombia

October 5 - performing with students during "Women cancer association" summit at the
Asociacion Plenitud; Bogota, Colombia

September 29-invited dancer of Ukrainian folklore at the "Bailes Zapateados", Teatro Villa Mayor; Bogota, Colombia

September 22-Ukrainian Folklore presentation at the Centro Cultural Llaneros;
Bogota, Colombia

September 21-won 2 place in group category during competition Estrellas de Oriente; Bogota, Colombia

September 19-29-invited dancer at the "Bailes Zapateados", 15 Festival y Congreso Internacional; Bogota, Colombia

Sept. 15-teaching workshops "Kurdish Dabka" (Folklore) and Modern Arabic Pop;
Bogota, Colombia

May 14-teaching workshop "Turkish" and "Modern Cabaret" at SPA"Nataly"; Donetsk,

May 12-teaching workshop "Shaabi" in Discovery Center; Donetsk, Ukraine

April 29-May 3-International Dance Festival "Rakkas Istanbul"; Istanbul, Turkey
- First place winner in category "Turkish Solo";
- Third place winner in category "Folklore";
- First place winner in category "Best choreography"

April 21-teaching workshop "Drum Solo-Egyptian style"; Bogota, Colombia

April 14-teaching workshop "Shaabi"; Bogota, Colombia 2012

Dec. 16-performance at Alma de Tango "Clausura Alma de Tango 2012"; Bogota,

Dec. 9-invited dancer at the annual event "Malak", orginized by Manaar Dance Studio; Bogota, Colombia

Oct. 4-performance at Tercer Festival Universitario de Danza Arabe Fuego Blanco;
Universidat Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia

Sept. 28-performance with students at Asociacion Plenitud-Dia del Amor y Amistad; Bogota, Colombia

August 12-Teaching workshop "Veil-poi. Technics and choreography", hosted by
Manaar Dance Academy; Bogota, Colombia

July 25th-Performing at charity event organized by KIWANIS DESPLAZADOS POR LA VIOLENCIA EN ALTOS DE CAZUCA"; Bogota, Colombia

July 14th-Performing at the "Encuentro de Danza Oriental"; Bogota, Colombia

July 7th-Performing at Teatro Santa Fe "Muestra Pedacogica"; Bogota, Colombia

June 12th-Performing at "Martes de Encuentro" Hotel Estrela la Fontana; Bogota,

May 26th-invited dancer during "Open stage 2012", organized by Manaar dance
academy; Bogota, Colombia

May 25th-Performing at "Asociacion Plenitut - dia de madre"; Bogota, Colombia

Apr 28th and May 5th-Teaching workshop "Escandarani-Choreography-Level 1"
hosted by Najla dance academy; Bogota, Colombia

Apr 14th and 21st-Teaching workshop "Turkish Oriental-Choreography-Level 1" hosted by Najla dance academy; Bogota, Colombia

March 20-Participating in a TV program "APRENDER EN CASA" as a belly dance
instructor, Bogota Colombia

Feb 19th-Teaching workshop at the EgoCentro; Bogota,

Jan. 21st-Teaching workshop Yoga for Dancers at the EgoCentro;
Bogota, Colombia 2011

Nov. 21st-Teaching workshop "Veil-poi. Technics and choreography", at the School of Dance; Donetsk, Ukraine

Nov. 20th-Teaching workshops at the "Grace" School of Oriental Dance; Donetsk,

Ukraine-"VeryBelly" /veil-poi and tribaret/

Nov. 19th-Judging and performing at the Festival of Ethnic Cultures; Donetsk, Ukraine

Nov. 17th-Teaching workshop "BellyYoga"-Yoga for Bellydancers; Donetsk, Ukraine

Oct 15-16th-Judging and performing at the International Festival of Oriental Dance "Ball - Bellydance", Kiev, Ukraine

Oct 9th-Teaching workshops in Donetsk, Ukraine

1) BellyYoga-Yoga for belly dancers; 2)Bellydance with veil-poi

Oct.8th-Judging and performing at the Festival of Oriental Dance "Fortuna-
Bellydance", Donetsk, Ukraine

August 23rd-performing at the Lebanese festival, Cincinnati Oh, USA

July 24th-participating in the Wiggles of the West 2011 Belly dance competition,
Entertainer of the Year category, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

July 16-Performing at "Alhambra Night" hosted by Conchi, Cincinnati, Oh, USA

June 18-Participating in the workshop "Traditional Taksim" with Mariah of Ohio /Maria Parasson/, USA

May 28-29th-Competing at the Belly Dancer of the year Pageant 2011 / Belly dancer of the Year and Tribal Soloist category/; El Cerrito, California, USA

May 13-14-15-Workshop with Hadia, Island of Isis Dance Retreat, Oh, USA

May 6-8-performing in the "Cairo In Columbus" event, featuring Sadie Marquard,
Columbus, Oh, USA

May 6-Teaching at Zumbathone-Zumba de Mayo-Charity event-YMCA, Oh, USA

April 16-Belly dance Competition-"Lets Beat Cancer by Dancing" By Mission Green
Light, Chicago, IL, USA-won 1 place

March 20-performing at the "Spring Hafla" in Love 2 Dance Studio /Leyla Soleil/,
Canton, Oh, USA

Feb. 26-performing at Mediterranean Echoes Festival hosted by Conchi, Cincinnati,

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