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Traditional Cultural Folk Dancers India 7395
Punjab, India

-Carnevale, Italy March 2014
-Arts Festival, Mumbai (India) February 2014
-Citrus Festival, Turkey November 2013
-World Dance Festival, South Korea October 2013
-International Students Folklore Festival. Katowice, Poland Sept. 2013
-World Dance Research Congress, Athens, Greece July 2013
-Ankara Shopping Festival and Hymana festival, Turkey June 2013
-Bashkartostan, Russia (BERDEMLEK FESTIVAL) June 2013
-International Citrus Festival, Turkey November 2012
-International Folklore Festival, Ukraine August 2012
-Folk Festival in Dagestan, Russia June 2012
-Folk Festival, Turkey, May 2012
-Festivals, Turkey, 2011
-Malaysia (Johar Baru Art festival in Johar Baru) 15 to 23 July, 2011
-Russia (Berdemlek Festival in Bashkortostan) June 2011
-Russia (Sadko Festival in Novogrod) June 2011
-Turkey (Giresun Aksu festival in Giresun) May 2011
-Malaysia (Melaka Archipelago Drum Festival XIII, Malaysia) 8th-16 April 2011
-Russian Embassy (Indian Republic Day celebration, Russian Culture Centre)
-Bangkok Folk dance and drum festival in Bangkok, Thailand 2-10 December 2010
-Russian Embassy (Russian National Day celebration in Russian Culture Centre) 2010
-Malaysia (Melaka Archipelago Drum Festival XII, Malaysia) 8th-16 April 2010
-Russian Embassy (23th December Farewell of 2009 In Russian Culture Centre) 2009
-Russian Embassy (13th August in Russian Culture Centre New Delhi) 2009
-Russia (9th Sodruahestvo Festival in Azov-City of Rostov Region) September 2009
-Russia (Sadko Festival in Novogrod) 2009
-Russia (Berdemlek Festival in Bashkortostan) 2009
-Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur International Folk dance Festival) 2009
-China (Huhhot International Folk Dance festival) 2008
-Malaysia (Melaka Drums and folk dance festival) 2007
-Singapore (Vishaki Mela in Singapore Khalsa Association) 2007

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