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Lion Dance 8437
Dakar, Senegal

10 performers.

-From 24 May to 06 June at the International Drums Festival in Seoul (Korea), Medaille D'argent.
-From 10 July to 16 August: Tour in (Europe).
-From 12 to 19 July: International Festival of Schoten (Belgium).
-From 20 to 27 July: International Folklore Festival Zeeland Sas van Gent (Netherlands)
-From 28 to 30 July at Pikkeling Festival in Aalst, Herder Shem Denderleeuv, Depanne, Lebbeke (Belgium).
-From July 31 to August 4 at Sivo Festival in Odoorn (Holland).
-From 8 to 15 August: International Folklore Festival in Edegem (Belgium).
-December 2002 1 Year 2003:
-From 1 to 9 February: 58th International Folklore Festival in FIORE (Italy)
2 -04 Octobre2003 festival
-From 5 to 10 October International Drums Festival SEOUL for the second year in a row (South Korea). 2004:
-from 1 Fiore (Italy): two awards: 1
-May: Participation in the Suburban Rhythm Guediawaye Festival.
-June: Participation in Bargny Rhythm Festival
-From 7 to 15 July at the International Folklore Festival had Schoten (Belgium).
-From July 16 to 25 at the International Festival Parade Brunssum (Netherlands).
-From 5 to 13 August at the International Festival Cita di Vita di Salemi Sicilia (Italy)
Silver medal.
-From 14 to 19 August: Folklore Del Parco del Pollino International Festival Citta
di Castrovillari (Italy).
-From 19 to 23 August: Festival at the Provincia di Reggio Calabria in 11th
-From 24 to 30 August: International Festival of the Association RAFFO Sprot Club FOLK group "GURAFO" at PETRALIA SOPRANA in SICILIA (Italy).
-December 2004 3 edition of the festival of dance and perceived Djembe Rhythm festival st
Sagra Del Mandorlo th editions of Dance festival and Perceived Djembe Rythm to February 10: For the second consecutive year at the Sagra del Mandorlo in for Miss st and 2 nd best group in 20. editions of the festival of dance and perceived Djembe Rhythm Festival th

-From 10 to 16 August: International Folklore Festival Westerlo (Belgium).
-From 17 to 21 August: International Folklore Festival Bonheiden (Belgium).
-Decembre2005 4 Year 2006
-July 2006 1-year performance contract with the Museum Of African Art JEJU South Korea.
-From 14 to 20 August: Festival Seongnam Tancheon Seoul (South Korea)
-December 2006 5 festival

Year 2007:
-July 2007 1 year contract renewal with Musseum Of African Art JEJU South Korea
-From July 19 to 25 at the International Festival Siddi Bel Abbes (Algeria) Trophy
best show.
-From July 29 to August 7 at Arab African Festival of Tizi Ouzou (Algeria).
-December: 2007 6 festival "Year 2008
-January 14 to 24 2008 Dubai Shopping Festival (Dubai City).
-May 2008 Renewal of the contract with the Museum of African Art JEJU
-July 2008 from 23 to 29 to the International Dance Festival Popular Siddi Bel
Abbes, Algeria 3rd
- December 2008 7 festival Year 2009
July 27 -16 at the International Festival in Figueira da Foz (Portugal).
-14 Au18 April International Festival Palma De Mallorca Spain.

year 2010
-10 To 31 December 3rd World Festival of Negro Arts 3 FESMAN

year 2011
-20 January to 20 February 2011 Dubai Shopping Festival (Dubai City).
-April 2011 8th enactments Dance Festival of Perceived Djembe Rhythm and Rap

year 2012
-05 January to 6 February 2012 Dubai Shopping Festival (Dubai City).

YEAR 2013
-May Participation international festival Kaay fecc Dakar

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