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Tehran, Iran

This group has begun its international activity in 1991 and has performed in more than 120 performances in overseas such as Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Korea,…

Some concerts and festivals Performances of this group are as follows:--

- Performing the concerts in Iran Art Festival –Schtoutte Halle-Dusseldorff- Germany-1991
- Performing concert in Iranian Cultural Week-Yemen-1997
- Participating in Iran Epical Music Festival-Iran-1997
- Participating in the First Iran Scholars Festival-Iran-1998
- Participating in the Great Fest of Southern Culture-Iran-1999
- Performing the concert in Basel-Switzerland-2001
- Participating in International Music World Festival-Fivizzano-Italy-2001(First place and the best prize of the festival, Silver Dolphin)
- Performing he concert in Venice-Italy-2001
- Performing the concert in Florence-Italy-2001
- Performing the concert in Pizza –Italy- 2001
- Participating in the Fifth International Folklore Festival –Veliko tarnovo-Bulgaria- (Diploma of Honor and Statuette of Festival)-2002
- Participating in 36th International Folklore Festival – Zagreb- Croatia-2002
- Participating in International World Music –Solin-Croatia
- Performing the concert in the Venice-Italy-2002
- Performing the concert in Colon- Germany – 2002
- Performing the concert in Hanover- Germany- 2002
- Performing the concert in Seoul- South Korea-2002
- Participating in 18th Fadjr International Music Festival-2003-Iran
- Participating in World Music Festival – (First place in two sections among 68 countries and winning "Dolphin")
- Performing the concert in Colon-Germany-2003
- Participating in 19th Fadjr International Music Festival-Iran-2004

--Some of the performances in 2005:

- 43rd International Folk Music and Dance Festival of Pyrenees ( Jaca) – Oloron Sainte Marie-Spain-2005
- 28th International Folklore Festival of Romance-France-2005
- International Folklore Festival of Aubigany sur Nere- France -2005
- International Folklore Festival of Utillas-Spain-2005
- International Folklore Festival of Lourdes –France-2005
- International Folklore Festival of Martigues –France-2005
- International Folklore Festival of Quillan –France- 2005
- 63rd International Folklore Festival of Amelie les Bains-France-2005
- International Folklore Festival of la Fage Saint Julien –France- 2005
- 25th International Folklore Festival of Aviles-spain-2005
- 64th International Folklore Festival of Haguenau-France-2005
- 43rd Festival Folklore of Los Pirineos –France-2005
- International Folklore Festival of Tarbe-France-2005
- International Folklore Festival of Splite- France-2005

Description of Boushehr Music& Dance:

Boushehr, the gate of plateau, is an area in south of Iran which is a connection ring of culture of civilizations from many years before .Seafaring was the most common business in Boushehr , so people were familiar with different cultures of the world. Also emigration of Negroes and Arabs has an effect in this main events, so base of music of Boushehr is an amalgam of folk music of Africa, India, Arab, Iran and roots of cultures of Iranian nations such as Turkish , Gypsies and Lori are apparent. Rhythm and Melody in this music is somehow unique and it has new style, which is performed with special emotions and has similarity to African Melodies. Of course, music of each nation is incomparable in kind, because music of each nation is propionate with behavior , environment and way of living of each nation and country.

Musical Instruments which are used:

1. Ney anban( Bag pipe): This instrument consist of a bag and a handle with two pipes and its versions can be found in India, Africa and Europe.
2. Dammam( a kind of Drum) : This instrument is a special version of percussion instrument which could be find in India and Africa.
3. Senj (Cymbals): is a percussion instrument which has special ring and its thickness is about 20 cm.
4. Tempo: ( a cup-like percussion instrument which is held upright between legs and played by hands) is used in Africa, Arabic and even Turkish countries.
5. Deyre& Deyreh Zangi(Tambourine): This instrument is used in the most countries and the original one or the similar ones are used with another name like " Daf-Darieh".

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