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New Delhi, India

The Bollywood - Dance Troupe, India

I started my troupe in the year 1993 for a professional concert with Magnasound, one of the biggest recording companies of India. It was the first time that any troupe from Delhi was selected for a concert of this magnitude. After the concert there was no looking back. The troupe then went on to launch a series of Multinational Companies that were looking forward to making their market in India, infact it was a new high for the Indian Entertainment industry to see especially choreographed sequences relating to qualities of the product like Hewlett Packard Laser printer out doing the dot matrix printers or companies like Mercedes, Hyundai, Toyota, Samsung etc., wanting to just make a colorful entry into the Indian market by a revelation sequence by the troupe with especially designed costumes and music.

I have choreographed for a lot of International performers like Shaggy, Peter Andre, Spice Girls etc and have the honor of performing with my troupe on the same stage as Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Code Red and Savage Garden.

I have also achieved the honor of being the only choreographer from India to have traveled to 55 countries with my troupe for concerts and performances sponsored by the Indian Government. We were sent to countries like U.S.A., Mexico, Spain, London, Barbados, Panama Etc. Infact we have travelled all over the globe by performing in U.K., Africa, Europe, Russia, and some countries in Asia. I was also selected to go to Australia to audition and select 6 dancers and train them in India for a major project that included two video films and training them in Indian Bollywood style of dancing.

The Indian film industry which holds and important platform in the world and which has its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the maximum releases in a year is famous for its song and Dance routines and has brought it to limelight all over the world, especially for its interpretation of Punjabi Bhangra Music with the select style of dancing. I specialize in Hip Hop, Freestyle, Indian Fusion and Indian Contemporary dancing. It is the combination of all these styles that has made me achieve what ever I have today.

In my entire success story there were the three musketeers - Sonali, Hemant and Karan who have taken my verbal lashing and physical bashing to make me what I am today . They've been through all the highs and lows of my career and my life and I shall have never been able to climb up through the difficulties without their support.

9 years ago, I was introduced to 2 very proud parents who came in with their son, Hemant, all of 9 years old. Still in school, he was a very shy child but very enthusiastic about dancing. I started training him and for all my shows he was made to do solo dance acts. He grew up in the troupe and is one of my oldest dancers.

I met sonali in Feb 97 when I was falling short of girls for a corporate launch for Microsoft. She was introduced as a substitute for one of our dancers. She was given a deadline of learning 3 sequences in one day. She lived up to the challenge and her dedication won her a place in the troupe. Today she is the manager of my troupe and is also my boss … ha ha ha ha…… who gives me my salary at the end of the month!

Karan came to me to audition for the channel V music awards. I gave him a briefing about the singers who happen to be performers like Peter Andre, Spice girls and the top Indian singers. He got selected, he left my house and fainted outside. That was my first association with Karan. Since then he has been with me and frankly speaking hasn't regained his consciousness till today.

Besides these, we have names like Gracy Singh of Lagan, Munna Bhai Mbbs, Armaan, Muskaan with Aftab Shivdasani, Girish Malik actor, producer and director, Ravi Gosai- actor Amanat, Maachis etc who have been a part of my troupe and got their initial training in dancing.

The biggest show that we did was Channel V Music Awards 1997 & Femina Miss India 2000. Another advantage that we have with us is that we can do 4 shows at different places.

I now have in my troupe Australian dancers and for the first time in Indian yet again brought a combination of ballet, Tap Dancing, Contemporary and made them dance to Indian songs so popular called Item numbers.

Ms. Ronica, Leader

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