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Cultural Group From Taiwan 286
Taiwan, China


Established in 2001, Austronesian has been one of the leading dancing clubs in preserving and performing traditional aboriginal dances in Taiwan. The club leader, and the club members, who are students, arrange and settle everything of the club all by themselves, from the choreography, costume design to music. With their devotion and hard-working.
For several years, they have represented Taiwan and been invited to the cultural centers in Maori village in New Zealand, Oakland, Canada, Hai-Nan island (China) for cultural communication and they have performed in Taiwan national traditional art center for two months. In 2003, they received the biggest award from Kaohsiung county for being an outstanding dancing group and they were selected as one of the art groups that can receive financial assistance from the aboriginal committee under the Executive Yuan.

Warrior's drum
Through the drumbeat, we show our strength and heighten our morale. With the drumbeat echoed in the mountains, brave warriors won't be afraid. With the drumbeat, we sing and praise the bravery and strength of our warriors.

Dance of God of War, God of Sun
Paiwan people have believed the sun is their parent and they are the descendents of the sun. The Sun plays a mighty and sacred role in their mythology. The Sun is also their spiritual symbol. Through this dance, Paiwan people pay their reverence to the sun and praise the power of life on earth.

Lily dance
The melody of the flute lingers in the valley. Under the golden radiance of the sun, we see the life of lily, from budding to full bloom. White Lily sway with the rhythm of life. Beautiful and sacred lily represents purity and will always be in full bloom in Taiwan people's hearts.

The psychics and the apotropaic ceremony
The apotropaic ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies of Amis people and its purpose is to expel the demons and pray for luck and god's bliss. Four female psychics first start the dance to welcome gods and then Amis warriors, with the mighty power bestowed in the feathers on their heads, make noise by patting their body to expel the demons.

Dance of Eagle
In Chi-Mei area, Amis people's unique dance of Eagle (Jyu-Bi-Hai) fully expresses the unique dancing culture of Amis villages in Chi-Mei. The climax of this dance is the eagle-like male dancers, with Eagle hat and bell tied on their feet, imitate eagle's hunting posture in the sky.

Wooden shield
"Bu-Lai-Ya" means "beautiful" in Puyuma language and beautiful wreaths also represent beautiful young ladies. Young ladies always have beautiful dreams and let's make our dreams with those beautiful Puyuma girls.

Melody of sea
Amis people's dance has the power of sea tides and their various gestures are just like the different forms of waves and surf. Strong drumbeats of wooden drums even enrich the charm of this dance.

Recreation ancient song
Singing is to comfort the souls and singing together is to encourage each other and evoke affection. The Lyrics function as a comfort to mind and entertainment to everyone.

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