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Show Ballet 9386
Moscow, Russia

show ballet from 3-10 people.
All professionals dancers


Author and presenter of women's programmes in the School "Miramar" (Moscow. India)
Student of the international Sivananda Ashram yoga (India).
Teacher of various dance and fitness coach for both adults and children (Russia, CIS, Italy, India).
Additional education:
Courses of actors
School of fashion and photo models participating in fashion shows and beauty contests with prize winning titles (Russia).
Music school of accordion, guitar. 1990-1996
School and lyceum of art (Taganrog, Russia).1999-2004

The soloist and leader of the first group.
She completed her training in theater and dance school of Yuri Polyakov.
More than 10 years working in the popular show-ballet.
Laureate of international competitions and awards.
Worked 5 years in Moscow and the Moscow region with her solo show program
Worked for 3 years in buet
Starred in the video clip for the international competition "Eurovision - 2012" (Switzerland, Lugano).
Joint participation in the project ethnic singer, famous in India and Russia - Gloria Delhi. 2013.
Worked with the singer of the Russian pop music by Arthur Vyshenkova.
Starred in the title role of the Indian film "8 March", directed by Albert Antoni. 2013
In the last 2 years she worked with her own show in many regions of Italy.

Height- 172 cm
Studied various techniques of contemporary dance from since she was 11.
For 5 years she practiced Sport ballroom dancing until obtaining category C.
Partecipant in inter-club, rating, Russian and international tournaments on sports ballroom dances.
2 years dancing in the Studio Todes, where met elements of contemporary dance.
Since 2013 She is in creative team, Sony NEX - finalists of the television show project "Dance all 5", and starred in a few dance videos.
?Developing her own style in the direction of Contemporary. In his choreographic productions inspired by the style of European contemporary ballet choreographers such as Travis wall (Travis Wall) and Andrew Wishart (Andrew Winghart).
Worked as a teacher for dance classes in the Studio "E-motion Dance Sudio" as a choreographer and teacher in modern dance. As well as led classes in "dance Studio Victoria Kharitonova" for Zumba and fitness.
The last 2 years closely masters bely dance.
Performs wish her solo shos and Oriental show "joumana dance show" in the best in tage in Moscow at corporate parties,weddings and other interesting events.
At the moment shi is University student and one of the most outstanding solist in ballet.

Olga is 172 tall.
She has practiced dance since she was 6. She Graduated at the school of the arts and in the Mogilev state College of culture. she is a certified as entertainer and choreographer.
Olga had esperience as is a Photo model and a Teacher of catwalk and rhythms dance in the theater of fashion "the perfect Lady" in Belorussian . She starred in advertising for the Belarusian television.
Olga participated in many beauty contests. She won the contests "Miss cover girl 2007" and "Lady-charm 2016" in the city of Mogilev( Belorussia ).
Worked in the show group "Ecstasy". She Has experience abroad on tour. Was toured in Turkey, Syria, Italy, Russia.
She was in the composition of sports support group as a dancer.
At the moment she is a student of Moscow state University of Psychology.
She is the soloist and the cutest actress of show-ballet.

is tall 175.
From the age of 4 to 17 she was employed in professional variety dances in the city of Minsk in the gruop "Naughty lights". She Performed in the place of the most important Christmas tree of the country.
She performed accompainment dances for the Belarusian pop stars as Yarmolenko, iskuhi Abalyan, Poplawski , Ales , By city and others. She danced all over Belarus and in Turkey and China.
When she was 12 years she studied in model agency Varlamov, where she was successfully selected and invited to screenings of "Mill of fashion", "BFW". At the age of 16, she was selected for National beauty school in Minsk, she was employed as amodel in Belarus and abroad.
When she was 17 she moved to Moscow. Worked in the musical "Yar".
Her shots were in the magazine "relax", together with Anastasia Volochkova, a famous ballerina , dancer, star of show business. Participated in the cast of the "Comedy club", "Saturday night live"
She was trained at the Slava Zaitsev, the legendary Soviet and Russian artist-designer, the most famous in the country. Currently Karina is still working as a model for Zaitsev.
Dancer in show ballet "Tais", "Rush style".
Katina is tuding at the MAU of faculty of foreign languages public relations.
And shi is one of the first soloists and gymnastic of ballet in the tour in Moscow and Italy.

Angelica is a professional belly dancer, teacher, choreographer, artist, photo model, professional makeup artist, fashion designer.
winner of various competitions in belly dance .
She participated in beauty contests among the dancers bellidans
Has repeatedly won the title of "One of the most beautiful and graceful dancers of belly dance in Moscow."
She took part in the original ambitious dance project Aleene.

More than 10 years working at venues with his solo show. she designs and produces its own costumes used in her show.
Experience as a choreography teacher for many different dances for more than 8 years in the Studio at dance and "Phoenix"
Currently, she is a choreographer and member of one of the most popular Oriental Show in Moscow, The Emeralds.
One of the first soloists of ballet and best bealidns.

is 180 cm tall.
Professional model, host TV shows, actress, psychologis, dancer.
15 years of experience as a model. Participated in numerous runway shows, photo and video advertising, both in Russia and abroad. ( Switzerland, Italy, France ).
Has many awards and titles in beauty contests. "Miss Russian radio 2010", "Miss beauty" 2008, "Ms. of spectator sympathies" 2012. Russia.
For more than 10 years she worked on major TV channels of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. She Was in the leading reality show, Live Plasic, "Roulette of fortune". She worked as correspondent and journalist. She took part in a cameo role in the film of the world famous "Anna Karenina" and starred in the film "Cook".
At the moment, she is the official face of one of the largest clinics of cosmetology MEDN in Saint-Petersburg. She works as a model for a major manufacturer of fur products.
One of the tallest and the most charismatic soloists of ballet.

Elena is tall 177.
Graduated at the choreographic school, Moscow state University - faculty of pop dance. She studied music and piano.
Participated in many national musical contests KCR, received 1st place among the singers and dancers.

Worked in the Art-Center "barbarian" as a ballet dancer. She had experience with many artists of Show business: Lev Leshchenko, I. Kobzon, A. Marshall, A. Tsoi.
From 2011 -2014 worked as a parodist and ballet at the State theatre parody under the leadership of V. Vinokur is one of the most famous comedians, singers and leading in Russia.
Played the best parody of K. Aguilera, honored artist of Russia. And worked with her in the Kremlin, in the concert hall Russia and other major venues in Russia.
Worked in Israel, UAE and the TV.
In 2015, she worked as a choreographer in theatre of the Young Spectator in Korolev. She made with the actors theatre exciting productions and performances.
Elena, is one of the first soloists of ballet-very enhanced artistic facial mimic.

Victoria since she was 6 years old danced in the deserved collective of Republic of Belarus, ensemble of variety dance "Naughty lights"...
She Is laureate of the Youth Union of Belarus, she has the Title of "Exemplary Amateur collective". In 2007 exemplary performed pop dance "Naughty lights" and was awarded of the special prize by the President of the Republic of Belarus. Victoria has mastered all areas of pop dance dance including dance sports, gymnastics and step.
Victoria's team took part in an active concert activity, cultural events and celebrations. They participated in international festivals and competitions in Bulgaria, Romania, France, Turkey, China, Qatar. Their performances are warmly welcomed in Ukraine, in Russia.
She performed accompaniment dance for belarusian pop stars as Yarmolenko, abalan, Poplawski , Ales and others.
She sang in international competitions in Poland, Russia and France.
Currently is a student at BSU, faculty of international relations in the speciality lawyer.
Is one of the gymnasts, very young and talented soloist of show ballet

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