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Show Ballet 8631
Frankfurt, Germany

We are proud to introduce you to our international ensemble of artists and dancers.
Discover the variety of fiery rhythms, artful music, fascinating costume designs and a brand new style of stage performances with choreographies from established and best- known choreographers.

Our present repertoire offers a broad range of diverse styles such as classical ballett on point, jazz, modern dance and folkloristic pieces from all over the world.
Join us on a journey through the ages of dance and around the globe.
Our on-going shows, each of them a unique, self-contained, non-stop 60 min program, serve all kind of tastes.

12 choreographies of dances from russia, spain, the gypies, turkey, egypt, china, japan, brazil, cuba, india, argentinia and america
aus Russland, Spanien, Zigeuner, Turkei, Egypt, China, Japan, Brasilien, Cuba, Indien, Argentinien, Amerika

10 choreographies from most popular musicals celebrated all across the world as "My Fair lady", "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Cabaret", " Mozart the rock opera", "Moulin Rouge","Chicago", "Sing, Sing, Sing", "Singing in the Rain" and "Kiss me Kate"

12 diverting choreographies illustrating the history of tango argentino and its triumphal procession through the world full of temper and spirits

Let yourself be carried away by our latest production into ages of the golden twenties crossing over to the hits of the 70's and modern times. Daring, quite sexy and just as tasteful, spectacular and rousing!

1. Entree (Weib)
2. Antre (Schwarz - Pink)
3. Antre Fashion
4. Antre - Red Hot mit LED
5. Boogie - Woogie (Matrosen)
6. Rondo Veneciano - Barock
7. Kaiserin - Barock(Modern)
8. Wiener Walzer
9. Charlestone - 30-er Jahre
10. Island Blues - 30-er Jahre
11. Can-Can
12. Kellner
13. Fosse
14. Lat's Dance (mit Stock)
15. Rock & Roll
16. Gangsters (Chicago)
17. Chorus Line
18. Lara Fabian - Tuch
19. Tango in Harlem
20. Run-run Baby

Programm 1
Tango Show - Unsterbliche Tango (45 min)
1. Milonga
2. Manner tanz
3. Tango in Paris
4. Pas de Deux - Brutale Tango
5. Pas de Deux - Manner - Bunt
6. Solo - Malena
7. Solo - Trodelladen
8. Pas de Deux - Damen - Liebeskoma
9. Tango (Vorbereitung)
10. Tango (Show)
11. Tango (Letzte)
12. Final

Programm 2
Musical Show (45 min)
1. My Fair Lady
2. Singin in the Rain
3. Cabaret - Money, Money
4. Moulen Rouge - Lady Marmelade
5. Mozart
6. Moon River
7. Chicago
8. Kiss me Kate
9. Sing-Sing

Programm 3
Folklore Show (45 min)
1. Russisch
2. Zigeuner
3. Bauch Tanz
4. Bauch Tanz mit Flugel
5. Spanisch
6. Country
7. Chinesisch
8. Japanisch
9. Egypt
10. Bollywood
11. Cuba
12. Brasil

Programm 4 (50 min)
Neue Show-Revue - "Burlesque - Cabaret"
1. Show me How you Burlesque
2. Speaking French
3. Fever
4. Man's World
5. But I am a good Girl
6. Buttons (Pussycat Dolls)
7. Mamma knows best
8. Blue Jeans
9. Tainted Love
10. Gut what takes his time
11. Bang Bang
12. Comptine pour une desesperee
13. Hi de ho
14. Big Spender

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