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Show Ballet 1774
Sumy, Ukraine

Show Ballet was founded in 2004, tin Sumy, Ukraine. It's young, but perspective ballet, which for so short time of the existence had time to overmaster the creation and trade of not only habitants of Ukraine but also other countries.
Interesting dancings projects and show did not pass without participation of collective. One of the most successful unions was become by a club project together with Ukrainian Dj in 2005, where boys appeared as «Show Ballet». On the row with this enthralling work, continued to give
a show-ballet beauty of dance to the habitants of city of Sumy, Poltava, Evpatoria and other cities of Ukraine.
The unforgettable was become by the New Year round 2006-2007 years, participants presented the new program in a creative tandem with a young talented singer Innoy Rudenko.
Similarly there is not regardless the special Christmas raising «Night before Christmas».
In 2007 was invited for work in «Large Sychuanskiy Circus» China. The specific work of ballet with a circus genre bringed the new breathing in the program of collective, and the audience of China could enjoy not only by the charming program show-ballet of
"Show Ballet" but also by unique symbiosis of ballet and circus.
In August, 2007 a contract was offered to the collective for work in one of the best parks of entertainments of «Windows of the World» China. The visitors of «park of miniatures» with pleasure not once visited a show which was presented by the dancers of show-ballet.
Club life of entertaining center of China did not pass back from the participants of collective, such cities as Macao, Guanzhou and Shen'zhen' not once adopted «Exotic».

"The program of Show-ballet"
For creation of their numbers they use different styles and directions, but the numbers of vaudevilles prevail in their program. They have the prepared dancings blocks(20-30min.), and also 40-45 min. show of non-feet together with a singer, shifting of scenes and etc. Every number they renew in course of time, increase of a suits, multiply the list of entries or privnosim something new and interesting.

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