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Latin And Brazilian Dance Show 10132
London, United Kingdom.

Age 29
Height- 170

Shows & Internation al Events-B razilian Topics Shows
2003-2005: Russia, Moscow;
2006: Cuba , Havana;
2006: Spai n, Barcelona;
2007: South Korea, Dae gu;
2008: Turk ey, Antalya;
2009-2010:, Japan, Osaka;
2011: South Korea, Seoul;
2013: Japa n, Hamamatsu, Fukuoka , Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo.
National Ev ents-Carna valescos Themes
2007 & 200 9: 1st. Princess Cut Cub atao Carnival;
2008: Que en of Carnivl Court of Guaruja;
2010: 1st. Princess Car nival Court o f Sao Paulo;
2011: Que en of UESP Union of Sao Paulo Samba Schools;
2012 & 201 3: Queen of the Court Cubatao Carn ival.

Age 31
Weight 75 kg
Height 1.71 m

2014 GDR Dance Company Brazilia n Show in China
2013 Inter national tou Italy (6 mo nths)
2013 Inter national tou China (6 m onths) incluing parade shows
2012 Inter national tou Thailand (6 months)
Regularly representation at Samba competitions and perfomance shows.

Age 29
Weight 69 kg
Height 1.75 m

2014 Dance Company Brazilian Show in China
2013 Italy Platform company performance tours
2013 Russia Platform company performance turs
2013 China Platform c ompany performance tours
2007 Brazilian Swing Group, Taiwan
Platform 2004-2007 Show, Rio de Janeiro

Age 26
Height 1.70 m

2004-2008: Ballet and J azz instruct or at Cultural Center Irma Eliza Ambr ozio.
2007: Adva nced Jazz instructor.
2009-2007: Contempor ary and Jazz choreograp her.
2008-2009: Brazilian tour shows in China.
2009-2010: Shows at t e Casino L'a rc (dancer and choreographer) Mac au / China.
2010: Show s in New Century Casino Macau / China.
2011: Concert shows on Spanish ships (5 mont hs season between Spain , France an Italy).
2011: New Year Concert/Show
2012: Concert shows on Lebanese ships (6 mon ths season etween Leb anon, Turkey and
2013: Ope ning performance for Comissao de Frente da Beija-Flor de Nilopolis.
2013: Dancer for Faustao (National TV show).

Age 25
Weight 60 kg
Height 1.70 m

2007 Vanc ouver Canada various collaborations
2013 Lond on England various colla borations
2014 David Guetta tour gogo dancer
2014 Hard well tour gogo dancer
2014 Skol sensations gogo dancer
2014 Stude nt Mackenzie Games dancer
2014 Nikon year end party me pro ductions dancer
2014 Music Video Reco rding Joel a nd Junior bride dancer
2015 Balls and graduations with th e band Studi4 (choreogr aphy Jhafyni Lima)dancer
2015 Cruise ship MSC P reziosa dancer

Age 25
Weight 75 kg
Height 1.77 m

2007-2009 Fire of Brazil dance grou p tour (6 m onths seaso s)in Turkey
2007-2009 Super Casa Bahia
2010 Corporate/Professional events including V W, shares Rodeos, Cach aca Elisa 2010
Supplemen ts, Thica 20 10 and Terro r Nights of orpo PlayCenter 2010
2011 Corporate/Professional events including afisa Share 2011, ener gy SMART Sao Paulo and
Corpo PlayCenter 2011.
2012 Corporate/Professional/Parad e events inc luding Tran spoQuip 201 2, Parades bride in ABC,
and Enterprise Launch Reception Bilingual South Zone.
2013 Corporate/Professional/Parad e/Competition events i cluding Event Golf Nati ons Cup 2013,
Competition Mulata St ar 2013 (National TV eve nt)
2014 Corporate/Professional events including Cheer Leader in the Paulista Football Federation
(Championship 2014), Fashion Edit orial Store Unikka Coiffeur. Various T V Shows M Koringa and associated slots.
2014 Performance sho ws with Samba Schoolsf Sao Paulo with the Passista Sandrinha
Sargentelli group, Group Brazil Well Shows and concerts with Cia Alpha Show Forro, African, Axe and at the Academy Bi o Actio

Age 25
Weight 52 kg
Height 1.66 m

2008-2013 Brazil SP va ious school performances including parades, competitions
2013 China WA Show B razilian dan ce performances (dancer)
2014 China WA Show B razilian dan ce performances (dancer)
2014 Japan CC Corporation Brazilian dance per formances ( dancer)

Age 22
Weight 57 kg
Height 1.72 m

Samba season show South Korea (Lotte World park) 2011
China (Happy Valey) 2014
Pop Band: Ball
Wedding events
Baby shows
Modelling: Alesti Jeans, Sweet Girl, WFUP, Per malex, Red'o Jeans
Carnival parades: New Sweet, Star Brides, Mula ta Brazil, Loreta Rose

Age 20
Weight 57 kg
Height 1.65 m

2009 UK Ballerina in backcountry show with singers Rio Negro and Solimoes
2010 Performances at parties, ballads, shows and events for Difference Group and Interative
2011 Ballerina in music video pop funk group TRIO YEAH, m usic "She w ants to take the Trio
2012 Turke y Ballerina in Factory company, which held shows in highend luxury resorts in Turkey
2013 Brazil Ballerina in music video for funk singer
2013 UK Ba llerina in the Bolivian Ed y Lover singer reggaeton concert in Brazil

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