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Dance Group 107659
Tolyatti, Russia

Year of birth - 1991

- participation in competitions and battles of the Russian and International level;
- teaching children and adults to dance;
- performance at various venues and events as a dancer;
- work on the backstage for Russian and foreign artists;
- production of dance numbers;
- conducting master classes;
- organization and staging of flash mobs;
- help in the management of the dance studio, working as a administrator and deputy director of the dance school;
- preparation of pupils for participation in festivals, concerts, competitions;
- organization and holding of events and reporting concerts;

Awards and achievements:
-Since 2014 he has been a member of the FLYOGRAPHERS
-2006 - 2014 - choreographer and member of the hip-hop group
-Finalist and participant of battles:GFF, Back to the future, ZAVOD, Teamka, Next level, Matreshka battle, Tea jam battle, Energy, Move Forward, Respect my talent
-Bronze medalist of the World Championship Hip-Hop International 2014, Lass-Vegas, the USA.
-CCM on fitness sports hip-hop aerobics.

Year of birth - 1997

Experience in the field of dance 5 years:
-1 year hip-hop and house
-2.5 years jazz-funk
-1.5 years Popping.

Year of birth - 1992

Skills: Popping, locking, hip-hop, house, tap dance , charleston

2015 - Vogue: old way, new way, hands perfomance
2014 - 1 place (solo), 1 place (duet), 3 place (trio) freestyle; INTERNATIONAL ARENA FESTIVAL (TOMSK); DANCE BATTLE ON CHANNEL TV-2
2013 - The winner of the nomination popping; Winner in the nominations popping, locking, hip-hop
2012 - Winner in the nomination all styles battle 2x2; The winner in the nomination robot; Jury in the nominations popping, locking; 2nd place in the nomination popping
2011 - studied under the DMS program; Jury in the nominations popping, locking
2009-2014 - Teaching of dance styles in street genres: Popping, hip-hop, step.
2010 - 2nd place in the nomination popping
2009 - Popping, hip-hop - master class

Year of birth - 1996

-dance with 2012
-have the style of popping and hip hop
-teach in the Children's Creativity Studio dances for children
-participated in various productions (GFF community)
-participated in the festival of dance at VDNH
-spoke at various student events with solo Numbers
-winner of wy battle 2015 popping
-finalist back to the future 2015 waving
-the participant of the show of the team omg crew entered the top3 of the strongest in Russia
-member of airpose production group
-finalist funbox popping moscow
-lauret of festos festos 2015
-participant of the state student bachelors of Ufa
-battle nation popping. Winner of 2014 Ufa

Year of birth - 1992

-staging of the number for the contest "Miss MSUDT";
-took part in the production of flash mobs (staged and danced) in Auchan, GUM;
-have experience working with children in a children's camp at a boarding school "Dubravushka" and dancing (2013).
-teach dances to children in the Leisure Center
-Performed at the festival of dance at VDNH
-gave a master class on papping in Podolsk at the creative meeting of the youth

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