Ballroom Dancers 9239

Minsk, Belarus

Ballroom Dancers 9239

Date of Birth: 04/08/1988
Height: 5'57''/172 cm
Weight: 114,4lbs/52 kg

Date of Birth: 02/09/1985
Height: 5'9'' /183 cm
Weight: 154lbs/70kg

Latin and Ballroom, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Any duet supports / lifts / tricks etc., Certified. Ballroom and Latin Danceinstructors.

Couple dancing ballroom professionally for 15 years all around the world.
Their credits include first places in multiple National and International Championships, Titles of Candidates of Master of Sport, Finalists in IDSF Ranking Championships and Featured roles in numerous Production Shows and TV projects.
They always been passionate about performing and they continue working very hard to get the best results.

1996-2013 Participation in more then 200 International Dance Sport Competitions in Germany, France,Latvia, Belarus, Lithuanian, Russia, Poland. Finalists of numerous IDSF International Ranking and Belarusian Dance Sport Competitions.
20003th place in International DanceSport Federation in Belarus, Minsk;
2008-9th place in International IDSF Open Championship in Poland among 300 couples;
14.10.2012-1st place "Autumn Minsk 2012" Republic of Belarus, Minsk among 70 couples;
03.11.2012-6th place "Lida 2012" Republic of Belarus, Lida among 60 couples;
07.10.2012-7th place "Rudens Taure 2012" Republic of Lithuanian among 150 couples;
02.03.2013-1st place "Crystal Cup 2013" Republic of Belarus, Minsk;
24.02.2013-1st place "Winter Fantasy 2013" Republic of Belarus, Mogilev.
10.2014-8th place "Autumn Minsk 2014" Republic of Belarus, Minsk;

05/2015-06/2015 Featured Ballroom Dancer and danceinstructor, Regent (Seven Seas Navigator);
01/2015-04/2015 Featured Ballroom Dancer and danceinstructor, Oceania(Riviera);
04/2014-09/2014 Featured Ballroom Dancer and danceinstructor, Regent(Seven Seas Voyager);
03/2013-12/2013 Featured Ballroom Dancer and danceinstructor, RCCL (Splendour of the seas);
05/2011-05/2012 Featured Ballroom Dancer, Macao, China, The Venetian Hotel;
12/2010-05/2011 Featured Ballroom Dancer, NCL Productions, NCL Dawn;
06/09-03/10 Featured Ballroom Dancer and danceinstructor, Super Star Cruises "Aquarius";
04/09-06/09 Featured Ballroom Dancer and danceinstructor, Super Star Cruises "Virgo";
12/08-01/09 Featured Ballroom Dancer, Dubai, Hotel Marine Palace;
09/08-11/08 Featured Ballroom Dancer and danceinstructor, Turkey Antalia, Hotel Venice Palace
07/08-08/08 Featured Ballroom Dancer and danceinstructor, Turkey, Hotel Marmaris Palace
09/05-05/07 Danceinstructor, MPCY, Minsk, Belarus
10/04-05/05 Danceinstructor, CHC, Minsk, Belarus

-1992-2006 Ballet school / Special Sport School/Art school;
-1996-2013 Dance club, Disciplines : Latin and Ballroom
-2003-2009 Belorusian State University of Culture and Modern Art Faculty: Traditional Belorusian Culture and Art
Bachelor Degree in Choreography and as a soundmaster
-2006-2010 Belorussian State Pedagogical University Bachelor degree as a Manager of Sport and Tourism