Ballroom Dancers 8160

Valencia, Spain

Ballroom Dancers 8160

Date of Birth: 1990

Date of Birth: 1991

15 years training in Latin and standard ballroom at dance schools in Valencia:

Piedra Escrita Medina Dance School in Paterna

Elite Dance School, with Lorena and Toni Costa (featured on Dancing with the Stars Spain) and international teachers Stefano di Filippo, Analissa di Filippo, Anna Melnikova ,Charles Guillaume Schmitt, Andrea Zaramella and Letizia Ingroso (world championship winners)

4 years competing at the highest level in Spanish ballroom competitions. (Adulto 1 AI standard and Latin)
Certified ballroom teachers (AEPBS and AEBDC) 2009
8 years experience working in exhibitions and shows.

Competiton experience:
Competing around all Spain since 8 until 20 years old, International National and Regional

competitions and Spanish Championships:
Spanish Open Salou
Dance Sport Cup Alcobendas
Spanish Championship10 dance en Zaragoza
Latin Spanish Championship Guadalajara
Latin Spanish Championship Cangas
Campeonato de la Comunidad Valenciana de bailes Latinos en Almusafes
II Olimpiada del Baile en Salou
Latin Spanish Championship en Mislata
Circuito Valencia Baila
Campeonato de la Comunidad Valenciana de los 10 bailes en Manises
Campeonato de la comunidad Valenciana de bailes Standard en Mislata
Latin Spanish Championship Lugo

Professional experience:
Ballroom Dancers, Star Cruises:

Ballroom Dancers, Resorts Word Manila, Philippines-2016 (3 month contract)

Super Star Virgo, featured in 4 production shows as well as teaching Ballroom clases and a talent show for passengers 2015-2016 (12 month contract)

Super Star Libra, featured in two production shows as well as teaching Ballroom

classes for passengers-2014 (10 month contract) Star Pisces, featured in a magic show and a production show-2013 (6 month contract)

Ballroom Dancers, Colorline Ferries, Kiel to Oslo-2013 (1 month contract)

Ballroom Dancers, "Revista Luis Pardos", Luis Pardos Company, Zaragoza-2012-2013

Ballroom Dancers, "Variedades", Luis Pardos Company, Zaragoza, Spanish Tour - 2010-2012 (sharing the stage with Spanish Stars including Karina Malena Gracia, Carmen Flores, Manolo Royo, Hermanos Calatrava)

Ballroom Dancers, Opera La Cerentola and Yevgeny Onegin, The Palau Reina Sofia, Valencia-2009-2010

Ballroom Dancers, "Elite Show Dance", Sala Canal Pinedo-2009

Standard and Latin teachers at E&D and Entre Tangos dance schools, Ontinyent-2008-2013

Ballroom Dancers, "Simply Ballroom" Simon Duval, Qdos Entertainment, Torrevieja and Benidorm Palace-2008