Ballroom Couple Alex Maya

Wroclaw, Poland

Ballroom Couple Alex Maya

We are Aleksander and Maya, dance couple dancing Latin American and ballroom dances.

Maya: Made my first steps on the dance floor in 1996. As a dancer I achieved many titles including top international champions class and professional dance teacher diploma. In 2004 I worked on board of Crystal Harmony cruise ship, but then I decided to get a degree in Academy of Sports Education - Dance faculty, therefore I spent 5 years in education in multiple areas of dance art. Now, with over 14 years of experience I am sharing my knowledge with dance adepts worldwide.

Alex: I am an experienced Latin American and ballroom dancer; I took part in world most known competitions achieving top results. Started when I was 10 years old - now with great experience as a competitive dancer and a teacher I am also coaching couples. After finishing college I am ready to work abroad and take my dancing to the next level.

We met in 2008 and started achieving our best results - including national championship and getting into the finals of many international competitions. After years of competitive dancing we decided to develop our way of expression and started to practice and exhibit our show dance compositions. Therefore we would like to present you our three variety shows:

Passion - sensual tango music, romantic rumba and passionate paso doble.

Latin - energetic mix of Cuban cha cha, rumba and salsa with a bit of Brazilian samba.

Swing - jive in composition with foxtrot and quickstep. Music, costumes and the atmosphere will take the audience back to the prohibition times.

Every show is around 10 minutes of pure dancing. We are creative and flexible; therefore there is a possibility of creating unique shows depending on clients' requirements.

We both speak English fluently what allows us to cooperate with best dance teachers worldwide and also share our knowledge with foreign students. We are now willing to make our dreams come true by working for cruise line, so that we could connect all our passions in one by dancing for people, sharing our knowledge with them and travel.