Magicians 7254

Budapest, Hungary

Magicians 7254

Magic Illusion stage,comedy,close up depends-5-10-15-20-30 min

2 persons

Quick Change magic dance 7 min
Dove Show 6 min
Audience game,Kids Show 5-10 min
Aerial straps silks net depends the our venue's) 7 min
Adagio Revu

The full version of the headline show featuring comedy magic mentalist, costume quick changes and audience interaction. Ideal for a "Fly on" type show for Hotels,Casinos,Ships.
This 45 minute show, you can find 5 magic category, such as

Dove magic-Stage magic-Illusion-comedy-manipulation-general- mental magia close up
No special lighting or staging is needed, this show can work in any venue. The length of the show can be adjusted to meet your needs. This program combine the mental magic and audience participation. Perfect for small corporate events, banquets, hotels, and cruise lines.

Dove Show :
This two different doves show with 4 and 8 doves show you impossible with live animal, doves appearing and disappearing, dove levitation in the mid air just right front of your eye. The classical and the Variety doves show perfect for any venue.
Magic Cabaret:
The Gabriel Magic Cabaret is full complete 45 minute production. The length of the show can be adjusted to meet your needs. Perfect for larger theatre, casino showrooms, cruise lines, performance arts centers, amusement parks, corporate events.

Manipulation Show :
Gabriel Manipulation show program. Special hand techniques with Magic cards with, billiard balls, doves, and lot more
Mental Magic : Glass broken front of your eyes,
Close Up:Card magic table magic with audience participate

Comedy Magic :
Selection of Comedy show programs, with audience active participation of the stage comedy and fun. Excellent for any age, and any kindle stage conditions, with minimum staging.
Close-Up Magic
2 times 10 minute Close-up Magic program, with intensive talk with card's, coin's, bill's, ring's, etc. last program set for teaching a couple of interested card movement and trick.

Illusion Show:

Dove Show 4-8,Floating table,,Revenge,Lady Apperence,Sands of the dessert Illusio,Dangerous Russian Roulette Illusio,Spikes Box,Floating Rose,Razor Blades trick,, Suspension Illusion,Anty gravity box illusion,Jacket Change ,Dove magic,Card manipulations,Lady Levitation,(Las Wegas Style),Origami ,Metamorphosis Box change (place change ).Basquet Indu.Comedy Magic,Card with sword (for Children ) Jacket ,Glass broken Close Up Magic cards,coins money, 5-6 Audience game invite audience on the stage,45-90 min show time,can be 45 *2

Details of languages we speak on a rating of English,Russian,Italy,Hungarian fluent and 1 = basic)
Magic equipments, Illusions' (depend of the length of the show and cruises) and 7 Doves.

All together his show consist of
(1 X 5 minutes ) Dove show's
(5 X 5 minute ) - Illusion number,
(1 X 7 minutes ) Quick Change show's,
(2 X 30 minute ) - Close-Up magic,
(2 X 10 minute ) - General Magic show's,
(1 X 10 minute ) - Mental magic show,
(2 X 10 minute ) - Kids Show,
(2 X 10 minute) - Comedy show and
Within their repertory, which encompasses totally over 1.5 hour's time, all the six magic categories can be found, such as -
Manipulation-Illusion-Comedy-Mental-General-and-Close Up magic

Uk 1 year contract
India 6 months contract
Tunise 6 months contract
Spain 3 months contract
Egypt 6 months contract
Uk 1 year contract
Holland 1 months contract