Magician Duo 7506

Canada, United States

Magician Duo 7506

They travel all across the globe performing with numerous Headlining Comedians & World Famous Magicians at Universities, Casinos, Resorts, Festivals, and for Television & Corporate Audiences.

They are masters of audience participation. Using nothing more than some dry erase boards and blindfolded the whole act fits into a briefcase.
Your guest will be amazed and laugh out loud at the same time.

Their shows are incredibly interactive, but it is easy for an audience - even sitting they can still be part of the show! Learn why viewers of all ages enjoy the excitement.

Everyone will be watching as brothers "mentally divide" Random thoughts provided by the audience. This happens in real time under conditions of fair and ends the final signature brother "of the room transfer."

If your organization is looking for a few * act * the show, we also offer a "running mind Show". Study Four Pillars Mentalism: mind over matter - telepathy - mind reading - hypnosis. We have exclusive contracts with experienced specialists in each specialty and offer individual mystical experiences.