Juggling Manipulation Acts 1470

London, UK

Juggling Manipulation Acts 1470

Performs numerous skills with juggling balls, rings and clubs and incorporate the manipulation of different objects such as cigar boxes, hats, and diabolo. He is however, able to tailor any of these acts to your needs if you have a specific requirement.

Routines for Stage

J. has a number of routines available for stage and cabaret. These include a routine with balls, rings, clubs, and cigar boxes all tightly choreographed to music with a high skill level. Again, he is able to tailor these acts for street entertainment providing there is an available sound system (able to provide the music in a number of formats). The requirements for these routines are minimal, and each routine can be subtly altered to fit the venue.

Street Show

He performs a street show that lasts up to 40 minutes. This show contains a lot of juggling and manipulation of different types to a high skill level as well as lots of comedy and audience participation. This show can be altered in length for your needs, and is suitable for any venue.