Clown Solo 9299

Berlin, Germany

Clown Solo 9299

2014-2015 Christmas program PEGASUS variety Besnheim

2012-2013 Aachen Christmas Circus Festival

2011 Andre Heller MAGNIFICO

2010-2011 Circus Ahoy Rotterdam

2009 Winter dreams Roncalli Bremen

2009 ARD "Stars in the Manege" anniversary gala

2008-2009 Pegasus variety Bensheim

2008-2012-Hohner Rockin Roncalli-Tour

2007 Witzigmann's Bajazzo Hamburg

2006 Roncalli bread and circuses food

2006 The Great Russian State Circus with Oleg Popov

2004-2005 Witzigmann Palazzo Munich & Frankfurt

2004 Russia tour with Circus Stars from Germany & Russia

2002-2003 Chris Crazy's Winter Wonderland International Variety