Clown Solo 105108

Chicago, USA

Clown Solo 105108

Height: 5'7
Weight: 140 lbs.

Improv and Sketch: Second City Chicago Conservatory, Second City Chicago Music
Improv Conservatory,Second City Chicago Basic Improv, iO Chicago, Annoyance
Theatre, Workshops: Jimmy Carrane, Dave Razowsky, Atlas Improv
Acting and Writing: Neo-Futurists-Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind,
University of Wisconsin-Stanislavski Acting and Voice, The Rock Agency
Physical Theatre: Clown Through Mask-Sue Morrison, Escola de Clown de
Barcelona Professional Clown Program, Avner The Eccentric-Advanced Clowning,
Circus Arts-The Actors Gymnasium, Feldenkrais-Emily Darlington Cooke, Second
City Chicago Clowning Program-Dean Evans, 500 Clown-Adrian Danzig, iO Clown
Workshop-Jet Eveleth
The Body of Mask Italy Intensive-Paola Coletto (improvisation/acting), Matteo
Destro (movement analysis and technique/voice of mask), M. Bao Lan (physical
preparation/Tai Chi), Donato Sartori (mask making)

The Music Box Clown Second City Beat Lounge

Variety Act Clown Annoyance Theater

Variety Act Clown The Revival Theater

Street Performer Clown Streets of Figueres, Spain

Street Performer Clown Streets of Chicago, IL

Variety Act Clown The Playground Theater

Variety Act - Vaudezilla Clown Stage 773

Variety Act Clown The Public House Theate

Variety Act-That Sunday Show Clown The Second City Training

Variety Act-The Bucket Show Clown Uncommon Ground

Variety Act-Brass Chuckles Clown Uptown Underground

Variety Act Clown The Comedy Shrine

Variety Act-Heels Over Head Clown iO Theater

Variety Act Clown Westside Improv Theater

Red Nose Day Fair Clown The Public House Theatre

ALL AMERICAN: A CLOWN PLAY Clown Second City Training Center

Les Trois Clown Figment Festival

Les Trois Clown International Physical Festival

Within Earsight: A Radio Play Mult. Roles/Writer Atlanta Fringe Festival

Best of Ten: Knife in the Heart Kenny Chicago Dramatists

Please Consider Mult. Roles/Writer Second City Training Center

Doomsday: The Board Game

Musical Mult. Roles/Writer Second City Training Center

Poncho y Papaya: A CLOWN

Tragedy Poncho (clown) Second City Training


Clowning to Infinity Clown Ensemble Second City Training Center

Slime Time! A Second City

Conservatory Show Mult. Roles/Writer Second City Training Center

The 52nd Players Mult. Roles/Writer Second City Training Center

Don't Bug Me Robert/Writer Annoyance Theater

Reality Fights Mult. Roles Viaduct Theater

Attention: A Skeleton Play Improviser Stage 773

Too Much Light Makes The

Baby Go Blind Student Show Actor/Writer Neo-Futurist Theater

Chi-Town Clown Revues Clown Neo-Futurist Theater

Dylan Improviser Independent Team


BoneStorm Improviser iO Training Center

Around the World Children's

Fair Prince/Servant UW-Madison

Hermetic Young Man UW-Madison Television

Elevate Learning Commercial.

The Fein Players Pilot.

The Weiner Circle Contesteant.

Baristas Pilot Young Thief.