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Dancer 9334
Sofia, Bulgaria


Height: 180
- 2010-2014 National Academy for Theater and Film Arts "Faculty of Performing Arts" BA in Physical Theater and pantograph Sofia, Bulgaria
- 2009 Graduated Collage of music and traditional dance "Shtefan Niaga" Tvurdica, Moldova
- 2006 Graduated secondary school Tvurdica, Moldova
References available on request

Working Experience:
- 2015 National Opera and Ballet, Bulgaria (Performing Actor)
- 2014 (June-November) Ibero Cruceros at Grand Hollyday, Spain/Itally/France
(Performing Dancer)
- 2012-2014 Ballet Arabesque Contemporary Dance Company, Bulgaria
- 2010-2012 "Theatre of Youth Nikolay Binev"; Ivan Vazov National Theatre
(Freelance performing artist)

- 2015 Tristan und Isolde Opera by Richard Wagner, Bulgaria
Tristan (stunt double) Official
- 2014 A sense of the universe, performance Art exhibition "60 years CERN" at
National Museum "Earth and Man", Bulgaria (Choreographer/ Performing Dancer)
- 2014 The Mirror of Time Contemporary Theater by Asen Nakov, Bulgaria
(Solo performer)
- 2014 Kojiki Theater play by Izumi Ashidzawa, Bulgaria (Performing Actor) Info website: [LINK]
- 2013-2014 The 13th Theater play by Alexander Iliev, Bulgaria (Performing Actor)
- 2013 Carmen Collection Contemporary Theater by Boryana Sichanovq
Escamillo (Solo performer)
- 2013 Parallel reality Contemporary Theater by Asen Nakov, Bulgaria (Solo performer)
- 2013 Small Rules Contemporary Theater by Asen Nakov, Bulgaria
(Performing Actor)
- 2013 DRACULA's Diaries Ballet by Mila Iskrenova, Bulgaria (Corps de ballet)
- 2013 Thus Spoke Zarathustra Ballet by Mila Iskrenova, Bulgaria
(Performing Actor)
- 2012 Beyond the Pleasure Principle Dance Performance by Alexander Manjukov, Bulgaria (Performing Actor)
- 2011 Repentance Physical Theatre by Vilimir Velev, Bulgaria (Performing Actor)

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