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Dance Duo 107691
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fernanda & Diego

Height: 1,64 mts.
Weight: 50 kg

Professional Ballerina, Styles:
Classical dance, Jazz dance, Contemporary dance, Hip-Hop, Break dance (b-girl), Acrobatics floor, Parkour, Aerial dance, Circus, fabric, hoop, smooth rope, Flight trapeze.

Work experience:
2017: dancer, actress, acrobat, bgirl in recording of the last chapter 80 I am Luna Second Season
2017: dancer, bgirl on Flashmob on Mcdonals / tapperweare
2016: Actress, dancer, acrobat, bgirl "Project Ja! Fruit Strength (CORMILLOT)
2016: Choreographer of a new release PHILIPS (Producer PEZ LIQUIDO) / Choreographer of Year-end closing of PWC / Choreographer closing year-end of Union workers and informal employees
2016: Bailrina- Bgirl Guarana Event in Larural (Wepa Producer)
2015-2016: Choreographer and Dancer at Club Med Itaparica Brazil (Summer season)
2015: B-girl shows hip hop breakout workshops with Sudametrica. "The house of Argentine hip hop" space nectar in Tecnopolis.
2015: Actress- Dancer and acrobat and on flights "The Bathers Have Fun" (Season in Villa Carlos Paz) In charge of the artistic direction of Romina Propato.
2014-2015: Dancer, acrobat and actress. "PAKA PAKA: Zamba musical with Belgrano and Juana Azurduy" (in Tecnopolis).
2014: Actress, dancer, acrobat "Spectacular Festivals at Maipo Cabaret with Laura Oliva" (Teatro Maipo).
2013: Dancer-acrobat show at Zebra Club, bowling at Carlos Paz (summer season)
2012: Dancer, Actress and Singer. "Musical: The Deluge That Comes" (National Theater)
2013: Bgirl, classical dancer. Show New YorkSaires (hip hop show)
Guests on TV in "Pure Chemistry" and "Loose Animals"
2011- 2013: Dancer and Choreographer. Show of own musical event
2013 Actress in video clip with "Alfiler"
2009-2013: Singer and dancer. Show cover events in the Band "Babydoll"
2007-2010 Classical, Contemporary and Jazz Ballerina. "Neoclassical Ballet of Buenos Aires"
2007: Contemporary Dancer "Contemporary Art Ballet xxi".

Height: 1.70
Weight: 62

Specialties: Dancer, Clown, Acrobat, Music editor, graphics and choreographer.

Work experience:
2017: Final 2 Season-I'm Luna-Chapter 80
2017: MC donals
2016: Theater-A trip to the country named "Maria Elena Walsh"
2016: Philips
2016: Liquid fish
2016: Qualia productions
2016: Billion'Z
2016: Adidas Originals
2016: Fibertel
2016: Fatima Flores
2016: Vos Awards
2013/2016: Circus Served
2013: Opening Dreaming about singing
2013: Mannequins
2012: Municipality of C0rdoba
2012: Motorola
2011: Mario Devalis
2011: 100% Fight
2010: Calle 13
2010: Ferrocons
2009: Audi
2009: Casting of the TV
2008: Argentine Talent
2007: Vitnik
2006: Converse

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